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No to the GMO release.
We don't want this seed stock. Take it and shove it!
No to the GMO release.
It would further poison our soil and water.
Ruining our health.
Using people as guinea pigs
Corn is a staple food so there is no way for the poor to avoid it. Our hospitals already cannot cope. Adding these toxins will put an even heavier burden on our society.
No to the GMO release.
Studies have shown the health risk that GMO products have
poisoning the people of South Africa will only lead to a "dead country" relying once again on foreign medical aid.

There are other sources of producing enough for our people. Gov needs to consult the right people for once
No to the GMO release.
is the rise in the incidents of cancer in south africa not sufficient to prove that genetically modified food is not good for human consumption ? i am not a scientist, but my common sense tells me that the food we are consuming is not even consumed by worns. think of the days when one could not store mielie meal for extended periods without attracting worms/maggots.
currently it is not impossible to keep the same product for months and will not even attract one maggot. which means we are eating food that maggots would not dare to eat. what morons will even consider killing their own people by feeding them this poison ?
Nomasonto Maria
No to the GMO release.
It is not good for human consumption and it will replace natural crops which is not good. I don't like artificial products. I work hard to buy organic and encourage my family to do so. We do t need exageraed chemicals in our bodies.
It is already extreme with current processed foods which I and my family stay away from as much as we can read food notices on packages
No to the GMO release.
Gmo is same as poisen. Killing you fast or slow.
No to the GMO release.
It is the main crop for food production for many of our indigenous people. A nything that may upset this is unacceptable.
No to the GMO release.
in GOD we trust
No to the GMO release.
All GMO are bad for peoples health and only a money making scheme where people get poisoned. GMO is never for making products more healthy and is only for making more cheaper products at the cost of peoples health. GMO is poison and is linked to cancers.
No to the GMO release.
This rubbish has to be stopped immediately it is a well known fact that Monsanto who were the originators of modified seed have put poisons in there to kill off all the birds and bees and insects in addition to the proven fact that the chemicals in these modified seeds cause cancer .. stop it now
No to the GMO release.
Message to the Pro GMO or for it.

Human race is developing quicker than 30 years ago. If you want to believe this, take a pic of a 4 years old in the 70s or 80s and take one of a 4 year old now. This all relates to climate change and everything else. Now to have processed maize is going to kill younger generation. We are already seeing age 25 - 35 experiencing chronic illnesses that are deemed natural, like heart attacks. Please stop feeding us food that will speed up the fading of human race in south Africa.

I am from North west, put money into helping farmers in the areas that generate crop, wheat and other ingredients that produce maize.

Thank you
No to the GMO release.
Clinically proven to have adverse effects on health. We do not consent to gm foods so don't do it
No to the GMO release.
Rather ban the product and use products that do not cause cancer and other health issues.
Perma-culture, organic farming and companion planting can do the same for communities without causing cancer just to help industrial farming take advantage of everyone.
No to the GMO release.
Most of the gmo experiments that have been tested, specially maize, have been either inconclusive on just did not pass human consumption anyway. If the gmo seed are procured anywhere in America or Europe, than our government is complicit in the genocide of our people, especially the black and poor of this country.
No to the GMO release.
Gmo maize is unconstitutional. The adverse effects on people is equivalent to the genocide. The environmental disaster is irreversible. The people are deprived the right to grow their own maize seeds. Refer to coton farmers in India who committed mass suicides as a results of gmo seed cotton. All countries who respect their people have banned gmo. In SADC we are amongst a few who accept gmo maize.
The people of south Africa were not aware that government has approved gmo maize. There no public debates or health warnings regarding gmo food.
No to the GMO release.
Just feel it's not right to have things that did not evolve to have a specific resistance. I believe it's not in keeping with good husbandry.
No to the GMO release.
GMO products are not safe. Please do Not do this to our people. Not cool at all.
No to the GMO release.
Organic is best
No to the GMO release.
Glycophosphate is very toxic to all living things - not just the weeds it is supposed to kill. More and more research is emerging showing that it causes cancer and the first case against Monsanto for causing a man's cancer case just been won in a US court. (Widow awarded $38 million i think). It is the 1st of many. No we do not want GMOs in any form. The way God made wheat was best.
No to the GMO release.
More and more countries banned (both plants and foods) GMO. It is absolutely crazy to continue to open our country for this cancer-causing nonsense.
No to the GMO release.
Genetically modified organisms is a programme run by the international globalists and bankers, which is designed to steal land indirectly by owning seeds, taking power away from the farmer. It is also part of an international population culling programme, designed to reduce populations through it's poison technology, which prevents minerals from being absorbed by the body and causes organ failure. It's been banned by more than 40 countries around the world, yet you are here, thinking you're some kind of clever by poisoning your people. We know that they bribe and promise money, if you allow this to happen, we'll find out just how much they bribed you with and put you in jail for endangering the lives of millions for your own greed. Not only do they cull populations, they make females sterile. Organ failures in the country have spiked, it's because of GMO's. Eat GMO's for 2 meals, and tell me about how your stomach feels afterwards. It hurts. Don't be fucking stupid. Say no to GMO.
No to the GMO release.
Ask the producers of these GMO Maize to eat it themselves for the next 10 years, monitored by an independent organisation.
Then if nothing happen, then we could consider releasing such product into the SA market.
Do the same with every politician involved in the possible release of such product into the SA market.
Let see what will be their answer!

They want to poison us? let them poison themselves first since they are so much convinced about the quality of their product!
No to the GMO release.
Filling your belly with slow release poison will never be a good idea. You might save a few rands now but will certainly pay much more in poor health related costs. There are many articles citing sickness and disease as a result of GMO foods consumption. Our public health system has collapsed . So who will look after the people that consume GMO maize when they eventually become sick
No to the GMO release.
We have enough land to grow our own 1000% organic food, while creating jobs for our people.

Please keep me informed on this matter specifically.
No to the GMO release.
South Africa experience lot of health problems, due to food that we eat that led to incurable diseases,so let us not bring more diseases.
We are fine with the current maize meal we use.