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    • Maize is a staple food for majority of South Africans.
    • Pioneer Hi-Bred RSA (Pty) Ltd (DuPont Pioneer) hereby informs the public of its intention to submit applications for the general release of genetically modified maize into the South African environment.
    • Two genetically modified types have been bred to produce a new herbicide and insecticide resistant maize.
      • one is from Dow and resistant to glufosinate-amonium herbicide and insects
      • the other is from Monsanto and resistant to glyphosate (Round UP)
    • The general release application is intended to allow the planting of the new GMO maize in many commercial maize growing regions to use the SA environment as a testing ground to produce GM seeds which will not be commercially available.
    •  this application is to bulk up seed which will be sprayed with glufosinate-amonium herbicide and Monsanto’s glyphosate (Round Up).


    • 702 interview with African Centre for Biodiversity’s Executive Director Mariam Mayet [listen]
    call for comment on GMO maize for SA environment


    Download the GMO Presentation by the DTi

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    GMO Maize in South Africa

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