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No to the GMO release.
We don't want this seed stock. Take it and shove it!
No to the GMO release.
It would further poison our soil and water.
Ruining our health.
Using people as guinea pigs
Corn is a staple food so there is no way for the poor to avoid it. Our hospitals already cannot cope. Adding these toxins will put an even heavier burden on our society.
No to the GMO release.
Studies have shown the health risk that GMO products have
poisoning the people of South Africa will only lead to a "dead country" relying once again on foreign medical aid.

There are other sources of producing enough for our people. Gov needs to consult the right people for once
No to the GMO release.
is the rise in the incidents of cancer in south africa not sufficient to prove that genetically modified food is not good for human consumption ? i am not a scientist, but my common sense tells me that the food we are consuming is not even consumed by worns. think of the days when one could not store mielie meal for extended periods without attracting worms/maggots.
currently it is not impossible to keep the same product for months and will not even attract one maggot. which means we are eating food that maggots would not dare to eat. what morons will even consider killing their own people by feeding them this poison ?
Nomasonto Maria
No to the GMO release.
It is not good for human consumption and it will replace natural crops which is not good. I don't like artificial products. I work hard to buy organic and encourage my family to do so. We do t need exageraed chemicals in our bodies.
It is already extreme with current processed foods which I and my family stay away from as much as we can read food notices on packages


  • Maize is a staple food for majority of South Africans.
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred RSA (Pty) Ltd (DuPont Pioneer) hereby informs the public of its intention to submit applications for the general release of genetically modified maize into the South African environment.
  • Two genetically modified types have been bred to produce a new herbicide and insecticide resistant maize.
    • one is from Dow and resistant to glufosinate-amonium herbicide and insects
    • the other is from Monsanto and resistant to glyphosate (Round UP)
  • The general release application is intended to allow the planting of the new GMO maize in many commercial maize growing regions to use the SA environment as a testing ground to produce GM seeds which will not be commercially available.
  •  this application is to bulk up seed which will be sprayed with glufosinate-amonium herbicide and Monsanto’s glyphosate (Round Up).


  • 702 interview with African Centre for Biodiversity’s Executive Director Mariam Mayet [listen]
call for comment on GMO maize for SA environment


Download the GMO Presentation by the DTi

Download the Genetically Modified Organisms Act

GMO Maize in South Africa

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