Gas Amendment Bill


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The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has published the Gas Amendment Draft Bill 2023, and is asking you to comment

52 comments delivered to parliament (closed 29 February 2024)

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The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy published the Gas Amendment Draft Bill 2023 for public comment

    • The Bill seeks to align the gas industry to, amongst others, new transportation technologies of natural and unconventional gases that are not catered for in the current Gas Act, 2001 (Act 48 of 2001).
    • The amendments will also align South Africa’s gas sector with international best practices and developments in the gas industry. The Bill was initially introduced to Parliament in 2021 but was withdrawn in 2022 to address inputs received from stakeholders.

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    The Bill seeks to amend the Gas Act, 2001, so as to:

      • amend and insert certain definitions;
      • provide for the promotion of the orderly development of the gas industry;
      • enhance the national regulatory framework;
      • promote broad-based black economic empowerment;
      • provide for socio-economic and environmentally sustainable development;
      • provide for new developments and changing technologies in the gas sector;
      • facilitates gas infrastructure development and investment;
      • provide for cooperation between the private and public sector;
      • strengthen enforcement and improve compliance; and to provide for matters connected therewith.