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[whatsapp url=”https://dearsouthafrica.co.za/gambling” title=”*SAY YES OR NO TO THE NATIONAL GAMBLING AMENDMENT BILL.* The bill places regulations on horse racing, outlaws dog racing and betting, shifts the regulation of all bets on the national lottery, foreign lottery, lottery results and sports pools to a National Lotteries Commission. *Closing date is Friday 12 October 2018. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK TO HAVE YOUR SAY AND THEN SHARE WITH ALL YOUR CONTACTS*”]

Participative Democracy is encouraged through the PAJA – the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act, and enshrined in our Constitution.

Every decision the government make must be published in a Government Gazette and must include evidence of public participation. If the public do not participate by objecting or agreeing, their non-participation is deemed as a non-objection, a tacit agreement.

What we do here on DEAR is not a petition but rather a PDP – a Participative Democracy Project as laid out in the PAJA act.

Whereas a petition, even it has millions of signatures, is considered as a single comment, a PDP enables each comment to be considered individually.

This forms the basis of an essential and legal framework enshrined in our Constitution.

Each comment from any of our web sites is immediately sent as a separate email to the relevant government representative designated to each project.

We then keep an accurate record of submissions sent so government cannot fudge facts and figures. In certain instances we will also provide government with printed evidence of each comment made as well as a collated summary.

We do not sell your info on to anyone and we do not charge for what we do.


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