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sedibeng tariffs and budget

The City of Ethekwini has invited public comment on the draft 2020/21 IDP, Medium Term Budget and Tariff increases.

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    The electricity tariff increase is proposed at 6.9% which is a 50% reduction from the anticipated increase in the MTREF.



    An increase of 23% was initially forecast to balance the municipal budget. However, following the review by the Budget Prioritisation Committee, negotiations with Umgeni Water Board to reduce their tariff increase to 6.9%, a tariff increase of 9.9% is being proposed.

    Compared to last five years’ increases of 15%, this is a welcome relief to consumers. The City has made every effort to keep eThekwini’s sales tariff to a minimum. The rollout of the Western and Northern Aqueduct projects have also impacted the water tariff increase.

    Sewerage and Refuse Tariffs 

    The forecast increases for sewerage and refuse tariffs were both 15%. However, following the reprioritisation and reviewing of all expenditure items, the increase has been reduced to a more affordable 9.9%.