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No I do not
This is unconstituitional since it describes the intention of equality yet in our constitution goes against discrimination , yet not white females but white males only are deemed as having the right to inflict quote "fair discrimination" going against out constituion with these policys. Over time this builds a false sense of entitlement which would be difficult to reverse and take as much time in the future to undo the psychological impacts than if making all a fair space from the start, not tightening and maing things worse , since the true intention was to fight against black domination, yet funding goes toward funding births of black communities thus encouraging blac domination which is against equal rights and equilibriums for harvesting a true equal racial culture and work environment in SA that can harvest good collaboration fairly.
No I do not
Jobs need people willing to work, people who are willing rarely sit and wait for work to come, they chase it. Change the way we employ and give those chasing work a fair chance. Dont just hand it over for free. The cheetah drags its own prey into a tree.
Yes I do
There should be a general target to be reached as country (especially when it comes to ownership) after which the BBBEE should be scrapped in RSA. We as blacks cannot rely on BEE forever in a country where we are the majority.
No I do not
Make it easier to hire and fire. You don't need targets to get people to work!
Not fully
the system in place has to change and give EVERYONE equal standing in getting a job. Black people have been disadvantaged due to white governance and coloured people are STILL in the same boat as we have been in the past! nothing has changed for the colored people, i have never gotten a permanent job and never in my 30 years of life, gotten a job that pays more that 5000rands, im so poor i cant even afford to buy shoes and all my clothes are hand-me-downs from family and friends, i literally do not own a single piece of clothes, besides my underwear and my socks ! HELP THE COLOURED COMMUNITY
No I do not
Government should see to it that Black South African small business entrepreneurs are supported financially and otherwise. There are many serious Black entrepreneurs who need support. Most of them don't even need money, all they need is proper markets for their produce, which the private sector is unwilling to provide. Government has numerous so called financial institutions which are draining government of the merger resources without benefiting the small business people. There is DTI, IDC, SITA, MEGA, GEP and a host of other not so useful places where Blacks are said to go to for help and end up losing their ideas to some of these officials. Instead of supporting all these not so useful organisations, government should force these traditional banks to tender for the purpose of financing and supporting Black entrepreneurs. Government in turn should use the winning bank for all its transactions and act as a guarantor for the entrepreneurs. Close all other institutions and leave DTI.
Yes I do
how can someone not get a JOB if the have a poor CREDIT HISTORY.. People lives changes daily by the situations ... no one should not receive a job because of not paying accounts.. as some time with life changing you can not afford to pay the debt you have when you made the debit life was still comfortable ... how come does government officials get employments after the extort money out of the country ?
No I do not
Bbbee and EE targets have failed the nation. Shame on you goverment for only enriching the elite. Targeting and blaming minority groups for your mismanagement is not the way to go. Scrap target apointments!
Yes I do
No I do not
Beee is not working for South Africa. Everything is falling apart and work is done with bad quality. I can tell you now after investigations are finished at Driehoek. They will find that the Beee company that installed that bridge at school was not qualified to to the work and they are responsibil for filling those kids. That was a new structure not and old one. And we all know the government only allows Beee to do work, not qualified people.
Regan Lance
No I do not

If laws like this show anything, they show that this government has no idea what nation building is.
No I do not
South Africa is supposed to be a democratic-run country? The Employment Equity Bill is contrary to what democracy is all about because this Bill only applies to certain South Africans here in South Africa and not to ALL South Africans currently in South Africa and therefore this Bill is inclined to marginalise some South Africans, as it only favours certain South Africans. In other words, this Bill is prohibitive and therefore causes discrimination with South Africans!

We have been experiencing a well below par economy here in South Africa for some time now, surely the state needs to open-up all of the avenues for all South Africans, no matter their culture, nationality and creeds, to be able to and to be in a position to use each and every opportunity that comes their way to contribute towards the upliftment and the boosting of our economy, without there being any kind of prejudices whatsoever standing in their way that will prohibit/limit/restrict their much needed successes and achievements out there in the business sector? It seems that the Employment Equity Bill is contrary to what is really needed and required in the business sector for all South Africans to be able to contribute towards the upliftment and the boosting of our poor economy!

No I do not
BEE has not worked any where else in the world ............... People need to work for what they have .
Do they want to chase more white South Africans out the country ?????
No I do not
Plain and simple people. BEE does not work. Junk status across the land and in our government. Common sense tells you that black people can not run a successful country any were.
Not fully
I don't support since its all lies till today in workplaces management positions are being given to white and Indian people .....who don't even have qualifications for that post
No I do not
Because more blacks are already employed in all sectors of government. Whites are suppressed. Unfair labour practice!
There are sectors in government sectors where there are only blacks employed and when a white applies only blacks are employed. Whites have to take whats left whether qualified or not. Blacks are receiving preferential treatment. In that case whites should pay less tax as they do not have choices!
No I do not
Affirmative action and BEE regulations have not created jobs for disadvantaged people. Investment and expansion of business is the only way to create employment. The government should promote entrepreneurship, small businesses and focus on education. This legislation does not help the poor majority.
No I do not
This is theft and worse than whatever happened during apartheid. Why do white people who had nothing to do with apartheid have to suffer for this??
Yes I do
Something needs to be done... majority of senior managers/directors in private companies are still white. No equality
No I do not
Doesn't work
No I do not
I do not support the Employment Equity Amendment Bill and proposed amendments it is not fair
No I do not
Its 25 years after apartheid and purely racist. I agreed before but not 25 years later.
Yes I do
No I do not
The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) recently found that South Africa’s affirmative action and employment equity policies were unconstitutional.
The SAHRC specifically took issue with the Employment Equity Act’s definition of designated groups and South Africa’s system of data disaggregation.

Government’s failure to measure the impact of various affirmative action measures on the basis of need is also a failure of international legal conventions.

- The definition of designated groups as contained in the Employment Equity Act, and the current system of disaggregation of data could give rise to new imbalances in the labour market.
- Affirmative action measures must be targeted at groups and individuals who are subject to unfair discrimination, to eventually achieve substantive equality and a society based on non-racialism and non-sexism.
- Decisions based on insufficiently disaggregated data fail to target persons who have been disadvantaged by unfair discrimination.
- Without first taking the characteristics of groups into account, varying degrees of disadvantage and the possible intersectionality of multiple forms of discrimination faced by members of vaguely categorised groups cannot be identified.
- The Act must be amended to target more nuanced groups on the basis of need and should take into account social and economic indicators.
- Once the objective of affirmative action, namely substantive equality, is achieved,temporary special measures should cease.
No I do not
This govt has been ordered by international court to relax their BEE/BBEEE laws.

Not advised - ordered!

I, Nicole van Zyl, hereby refuse to abide by the illegal and unconsitiutional; economically and socially destructive laws brought in or amended to the disadvantage of the minority groups/nations/cultures of South Africa.