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No I do not
Look at our country, our leaders have set a bad example that you can do anything and get away with it!! I am tired that white males can not find work cause of thier skin colour and is just not right
Yes I do

Make sure that numerical target are inline with number of people per race nationally. For example all companies must have 90% or more black native south africans, 5% white, 3% colors, 1.5% Indians and 0.5% foreigners. This must be at all level operational, junior management, middle management, and executive management.
Not fully
We should be getting the best people for the job in order to increase our country's output and efficiency and not just to meet quota's. We cannot use a short-sighted and blinkered approach to resolve a problem on this scale. We need to do what is best for the country, not for any single race, not for the majority, not for the minority and definitely not for the ruling party. We need to do what is best for everyone who calls South Africa their home. I fully agree that our past has led to huge in-equalities but there are different solutions to this problem in the form of

1. Entrepreneurship
We should help facilitate small business through tax breaks and incentives

2. Education
We should educate our country's people to make them increase efficiency and output

3. Innovation
Use technology to unlock for solutions for current problems like crime and violence.

4. "I am better than no one else and no-one is better than me" attitude
Adopting this attitude is at the essence of South Africa's economy. It is one way to keep our country fair and in balance. No-one should be advantaged nor dis-advantaged. It is time to remember the past while getting started on building the best country in the world instead of running campaigns to make sure that the ruling party secures votes for the next election.
No I do not
Apartheid in the form of employment
Karen Louise
Yes I do
We understand the need to address previous imbalances but this needs to be done properly and not infringe on other groups rights, especially the rights of the minority groups in South Africa. Presently money is wasted on tenders that can't be filled due to allocation to groups or individuals with no experience. TRAIN people, educate them and teach them how to readdress these imbalances that exist from birth through school into the job market. Provide the correct education and job opportunities. Change the mindset of people not to all want university degrees but be able to work in all areas to make money.
No I do not
BEE & EEAB only allowed the opportunity for corruption, fraud, theft against people of SA as they don't have qualifications, no skills, no experience, no ethics, no regard for peoples future, depriving them of their future where monies and funds stolen through fraud, corruption and disregard for peoples future where 700 Billion has already been lost and stolen (Avg R35 Billion p.a.) over the 27 years in power by the ANC, through BEE and EEAB where positions been misused by ex-State President (Zuma with his Gupta friends), The ministers, the parliamentarian staff to be corrupt, commit fraud and stealing people of SA moneys through taxes being the major funding source build up by non-BEE entities.

We now need to make MAJOR CHANGES in the Democracy/ Government of South Africa in order to utilised the Tax payers money fairly, properly, justifiably, correctly (for the right purposes) and without corruption, which cost the country dearly, without Politicians with there conflict of interest in Companies and entities obtaining Inflated (x10's increased to Millions & Billions i.e. - Arms Deal Corruption, Madupi corruption, neuclear project corruption, Eskom dealings & corruption, SABC corruption, SAA corruption, Transnet corruption, Nkantla corruption, Various Projects corruption) Tenders/dealings and enriched/self enrichment's of the president, ministers and politicians to the detriment of all South Africans citizens, unnecessary lowering the economy of SA causing increasing living expenses (I.e. Petroleum, Electricity, Water, Medical, Education etc.) without Politicians and various BEE Directors were earning and stealing Millions and Billions of rand while getting Bonuses also in the Millions while non-performing and losses occur and still involved in corrupt deals/transactions all the time without unnecessary projects (I.e. e-Toll, Gautrain, Arms deal, Nkantla, SABC, SAA, Transnet, Madupi, Eskom, Various Projects corruption etc.) are being created in order for government officials to scoop monies unfairly, fraudulently through corruption and when exposed/ convicted for these corrupt operations, nothing being done (Nkantla, Arms deal, see above etc.) or allowed to be falsely utilising a so called Medical unfit to go to jail (Police Commissioners, Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Schabir Shaik and his brother Chippy Shaik, Fana Hlongwane, Molefe, Dudu Zane, ALL Gupta's), - setting a principal for being corrupt and nothing being done and nothing happening
Bribery allegations related to Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Schabir Shaik and his brother Chippy Shaik, Fana Hlongwane has been mentioned.[7][8] In March 2003, Tony Yengeni was convicted of defrauding parliament by accepting a bribe while handling the deal
Maladministration by National Commissioner Bheki Cele : implicated in unlawful conduct and maladministration with a R500mil lease agreement for the new police headquarters in Pretoria National Police Commissioner : Jackie Selebi convicted for fraud & corruption with no/little jail time where over R700 billion were lost through corruption, fraud and irregularities while ANC were in power since 1994 (over 27 years) at an average of R35 Billion per year, where these monies lost and stolen through corruption, fraud and irregularities could have been used/subsidising:
It is time to prosecute the current & previous top government officials involved in corruption, jailed and their assets seized and forfeited through theft-activities and the monies they stole from the people of SA returned to the coffers to assist in and fund *Housing, *Medical, *Education, *Transport/Petroleum, *Water, *Electricity/ Eskom
No I do not
No good saying that BEE is Bullshit and destroying South Africa, so carry on, ANC, and turn this Shithole into a LONG DROP where not even you will get out.!!!
Yes I do
It is very important to support this bill to ensure the past experiences of apartheid are addressed and at the same time to ensure we never allow any race in future to hold the superiority of others in any level
Yes I do
IF it trully is about -''The Bill aims to tighten race targets in the workplace, speed up transformation and empower the labour minister to establish numerical race targets for particular sectors.'' then I support it
No I do not
I say no because there has been enough economic compremise since the appartheid. Maybe it's helped a few people but the whole is suffering. There is absolutely no point in education anymore, because being well qualified won't get you a job. There is too much attempts to control everything middle class while fat cats get fatter, the environment suffers, eskom remains unchallenged. Now solar panels are going to regulated.
Oh and no one cares that half these land grabbed shacks which aren't even complying with building regulations are actually being rented out. Not just rented out by needy people. Rented out by people with Jobs earning more than their white co-workers.
Gift Simphiwe
Yes I do
I fully support this amendments even though our Department of labour doesn't do follow ups to make sure that this Act is implemented by companies. Companies must account, that's the only way we will achieve
No I do not
For me as a white person in South Africa this submission isn't worth anything because Government didn't take any note and it's a complete waste of time to even submit any resistance against actions decide upon in this Country.
No I do not
racial quotas are not working because the willingness to work by those placed via quotas is absent as compared to some one placed on merit- which should be the only criterion used in employment
Quotas remove the competitive will to improve in one’s job as has been proven since 94
No I do not
It has been a quarter century since democracy, and kids born free are facing ever increasing racial discrimination. Poverty is not restrcted along racial lines, and excluding kids from jobs, training etc. based on race is a human rights violation. Changing the law is only making human rights violations legal. It must stop.
No I do not
Don't steal our money I am a pensioner I cannot afford the increase take my elect bill from one of the MPs
No I do not
The government and the ANC is perpetuating the racial divide, instead of creating jobs and reducing the ridiculous poverty and rife corruption / stealing of tax payers money.
So many corruption cases, and yet no one is going to jail. Just one court case after another, wasting our money.
No I do not
We are tired of public private partnerships, ngo's in which We the People pay and the rest profits. We've had it with bankster socialism and it prescribing how government must operate messing up natural economic activity. Soon this is coming to South Africa. Pay attention. Video
No I do not
Getting a Job should be about COMPETENCE and not COLOR!
No I do not
Eskom pursued this doctrine some years ago (Brian Dames at the forefront) and ended up re employing the same people who were largely recipients of packages (read retrenchment) when the wheels came off. The costs associated with this unsubtle backtrack have never been mentioned to my knowledge. One day when they are able to generate a workforce with the required expertise to fully manage and maintain a utility of this nature without constantly purchasing the expertise among the consultant fraternity we can talk again. I'm not holding my breath.
No I do not
We are all South Africans. This bill will just make the race divide even greater.
The best qualified person should get the job. It is about COMPETENCE and not COLOR!
No I do not
BEE is a blatant apartheid regime that repeats the mistakes of the past.
No I do not
What is happening to Madiba's "Rainbow Nation"? Remove one or two shades from the rainbow spectrum then it is no longer a rainbow. Take away our human rights then we are left with a fake democracy. What good has BEE or transformation done to our people and economy ? Our service providers like Eskom, SAA, SABC etc are in trouble or have reached bankruptcy. Retrenchment and unemployment is on the rise. Taking jobs away from the minority and giving them to the majority racial groups is not job creation. It is robbing poor Peter to pay Paul. Retaliation and racism. Equal rights should be based on qualifications and capabilities and not on skin colour. The Western Cape has a 50% Coloured population but the less than 10% of the national population still apply. Interfering with the workforce of private companies and businesses could affect their productivity. It can result in companies running at a loss or closing their businesses. More jobs are lost than created because of exploitation and corruption caused by those with BEE status. Government should rather remove all racial barriers to ensure a vibrant economy, encourage job growth and reduce racial tension.
No I do not
As another commentator stated that these proposed changes Is Causing South African Society In General To Become More And More Racially Polarised - The EXACT OPPOSITE Of The Vision Of A Nation Living Together In Harmony. 

When will we reach Mandela's dream of living together in harmony and not see the colour of someone else's skin?

BBBEE is a blatant apartheid regime that repeats the mistakes of the past.
No I do not
What a load of rubbish this is!!! How is a country supposed to grow when there is a criteria to fill jobs based on race and gender which overlooks academic quality. What this blatantly is, is veiled racism but because it favors the majority it is looked at as acceptable. 24 years down and the place this country could have been makes me very sad. Instead of being a power house of Africa we are a looting box for politicians and their friends. Put qualified people in the right positions and this country will boom, or loose all the skills and knowledge (not to mention tax paying abilities) to other countries as people folk to a place where race and gender don't depict whether you get a job or not.
No I do not
For a country to be successful it MUST select people for employment based on skills and competencies ONLY, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or any other factor.

Compensating for prior lack of opportunity by dumbing-down the workforce is ridiculous and dangerous.

FIX EDUCATION. Give everybody the opportunity to get the BEST EDUCATION .