Elections 2019 Free and fair?

Do you think the 2019 South African elections were free and fair? Let us know.

There are many accusations of double voting, ballot discrepancies and voter fraud. To date, 19 people have been arrested for voting multiple times. We are gathering data for presentation to the IEC and a possible court case to determine if the elections are free and fair.

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1 Reports of tampering with nominations of the ANC, and questions of interference in the issuing of the selection lists, plus disruption of voter access at some stations, were disruptive, deterring voter participation- and
2 Pre-election false information (which was issued in the run up to polling day) was partially effective in certain areas, particularly in the Western Cape,
If anyone thinks that this election was fair and honest they are delusional, even with the majority vote in the country the ANC still find ways to cheat and show us their true colours. You can't expect terrorists to change into philanthropists. They are the scum of the Earth, some people will say how can you say that? How can you generalize? I say they are scum because even the members of their party that don't lie, rape, steal and extort, are implicit in the crimes for not holding their dummy cadres accountable.
Cheating double votes DA wa only party ws fair honest pathetic .disgusting revoke fr justice
I know of 5 stations where votes were rigged. There are videos of them everywhere.
There is still intimidation towards voters. Before the voting day there was already news about ballot papers and boxes that were where they were not suppose to be. After voting it became evident that there were people that could vote twice, maybe even a third time! Voters must vote with their TAX NUMBERS - then you know the people that are actually contributing towards SA, has the say of what happens in SA!


Important to note; this is not a petition but is the first step in an essential Participative Democracy process protected under the SA Constitution. 

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