Elections 2019 Free and fair?

Do you think the 2019 South African elections were free and fair? Let us know.

There are many accusations of double voting, ballot discrepancies and voter fraud. To date, 19 people have been arrested for voting multiple times. We are gathering data for presentation to the IEC and a possible court case to determine if the elections are free and fair.

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Ntombizanele Patience
not fully
The idea of allowing people to vote in different VDs other than where they registered was a very good one for convenience purposes However it was poorly managed. I deliberately went to vote in a different VD just to test the system myself, my name was recorded anywhere, all they did was to print that small piece of a paper and allowed me to proceed. This means that I could have gone ahead to vote in my VD again but because of integrity I didn't do that where as many people I heard of did so.

There are many people who did not register before hand but on the day they were turned away coz their names did not appear in the register. Goimg forward if we are still going to use this paper based system, IEC should also have a separate registration desk in that same venue so that those who couldn't register due to various reasons before or those have suddenly changed their minds on the voting day should be allowed to exercise their right to vote. That's my assessment from the last election.
Johannes Petrus
Saw too many videos and other discrepencies
Oh please... do you even have to ask whether electrions are fair in a majority rule country. Even by simple definition majority rule is not democracy.
not fully
Not all votes were counted. I know of many instances where people voted but not a single vote was counted for that specific political party at the voting stations.
There was enough evidence provided by, believe it or not, the EFF that they were able to vote more than once. Was this ever investigated. Our government is corrupt, why would the elections be fair?


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