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The Minister of Finance, Mr Tito Mboweni, is calling on members of the public to make comments on a paper titled: Economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness: Towards an Economic Strategy for South Africa. It proposes reviewing regulations on everything from fuel to banking, a dramatic overhaul of the electricity system, and means to attract tourists and skilled immigrants – see summary.

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Important to note; This is a legally protected public policy-shaping process mandated in the SA Constitution. By using DearSA’s platform you ensure an accurate record is held by civil society (so government cannot dispute participation facts or figures) which forms a solid foundation for a legal case should the necessity arise. It is not a petition. Your input is immediately sent to government and must, by law, be individually acknowledged and considered. Had this been a petition, all input would be grouped as a single submission.

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Any initiatives that promote the free market, less regulation and less government interference in the economy should be supported. I don't think this proposal goes far enough, however it is a start
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Although not perfect this policy paper contains a number of great ideas. There is still along way to go and corruption needs to stop everywhere. Also Pension funds should not be touched by government and the NHI should not be forced on anyone. The government also needs to work on getting more visa free tourist options for its citizens to be able to travel when we welcome so many others into our country visa free.
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yes i fully support this. Tito knows what to do and how to do it. Tito, Thabo Mbeki and Trevor broke the all time record of consecutive economical growth in SA. i lost track after when the his 33 quarters.

I studied economics post graduate level, and these policies are they only way to break the downward spiral.

as Margeret Thatcher said "the problem with socialism is, that you will run out of other people's money". this is where we are today. a very small minority support the masses. its not sustainable. and forget Cosato. NUMSA stood as a political party and only get 20K votes. why should a very small minority communists dictates out country??
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Lots of good ideas in here. A good start! You have my support
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This policy does not go nearly far enough, but it has some positive points. The South African economy will not recover until such time as the ANC commits unambiguously to scrapping EWC in its entirety, along with dumping onerous labour laws and BEE in all its forms. (Social engineering *does not work* - the ANC should have learned this by now.) Until such time as the ANC develops the balls to stand up to the unions, South Africa is doomed. DO IT ***NOW***!