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Cape Independence Party's proposal
Cape Independence Party's proposal
More sub-council boundaries will create healthy competition, a closer relationship with communities and jobs. Though the DA has done a good job in managing local authorities, the Cape needs to get geared for independence, more accountability and self-management. Too much of the Cape's money goes to National govt who mismanages it and does not use same for the right purposes or towards upliftment of the people or allotting a fair % back to the Cape Province.
Cape Independence Party's proposal
My vote will be that the Western Cape become independent
DA's proposal
DA a Government that works. And works well.
none of the proposals
Keep as it is and throw in every effort to get the Western Cape independent as soon as possible. Do not waste time on this when there are important things to do like to get our independence from the SA paricites.
DA's proposal
DA's proposal
So far , tho a few mistakes where commited the DA has been more accountable and with a virtualy clean relating to on how the city has been ran then any other politcal party in cape town
Cape Independence Party's proposal
To whom it may concern

I could read from the Cape Independent Party's commendations & proposals only and I agree with their views and concerns.

More sub-councils (hence more accountable Wards) do indeed serve a democracy better.

How the Western Cape governs post 2000 is exemplary to the rest of Southern African municipalities (those are beyond bankrupt from ANC corrupt local leaders incompetence eg. Freestate towns who in December 2021 were without water due to unpaid accounts by their municipal leaders - these are shocking realities that break down local health systems) eg. Local Clinics, Bethulie that have been without water since July 2021 - real examples of what happens with corrupt centralized mis-management - in many areas outside the Western Cape.

I too commend the Western Cape for doing their best to uplift and empower local communities. It starts with local council involving local citizens: young and old, unemployed and dreamers like me.

We do need to improve on suirage (human waste) works... Greener ways eg. more Bubbler systems in local sub councils or such ways to deal with ocean lines in a more sustainable way than currently.

Perhaps these sub-councils can begin (with aid from local municipalities and nurseries) to plant vegetables and fruit trees, vines and passion fruit creepers) in their local parks (even at schools where pupils and parent-councils can assist and learn bartering / fund-raising / antrepeneurship through such gardens) - beautify parks and and make it a living, giving, gathering place where communities can further build and work together in creating a better South Africa for all.

Starting at base level, the empowerment of local communites do make the municipalities and wards stronger. There is a currency stronger than money: it is mutual respect and deeper understanding of all (other) people. If we can succeed in building relationships through working together in community Parks (& veggie gardens) we might learn this rhythm.

I'm an Idealist -and I keep hoping (& praying) for the Western Cape, for South Africa and all her people...
Especially for wisdom and how to execute in setting up new (improved) ways forward.

Thank you for continuing efforts to make the Cape Province a better place for all.

Yours truly
Karen Diesel

Cape Independence Party's proposal
We need more power to the people, not less! Increasing the sub-councils makes sense. Each community should have control over their own affairs, SA is a prime example of a centralisation gone wrong. Ever since the Union Act has things been bad for the people of the Cape, first Apartheid and now economic destruction...
DA's proposal