CoCT proposed new Subcouncil boundaries

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The City of Cape Town calls for comment on the proposed new Subcouncil boundaries

The draft Subcouncil By-law proposes new boundaries for 21 subcouncils, as well as the clustering of adjoining wards to form the new subcouncils.
A Multi-Party Council Committee has submitted various proposals to Council for consideration.

CoCT wants your input on the:

  • clustering of adjoining wards, and
  • proposed new subcouncil boundaries.
  • Council will review and consider your comments, objections and recommendations before making a final decision on the new subcouncil boundaries.

Add your suggestions, or have your say below.

Have your say – shape the outcome.

    Which subcouncil boundary proposal are you in agreement with? (view details at red link above)

    What is your status?


    Dear South Africa

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