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Property rates
I don't even get that increase in my salary. Where must I get the money from ?
The increase should be according to the pay increase or the GDP the lowest GDP as their is two.
Feeling the full grunt of Rolling-blackouts, partial refuge collection, pot-holes, a ghastly smell that took you months to damper, not fix, and you want more money. HA!

I am against an increase on any and all of the above, this is not the time for it.
Frankly the economy is in a downward spiral and mostly still in lock-down, how dare you even propose tariff increases?

I cannot understand the reasoning for the increase in rates tariffs. The way new buildings and houses are erected generating income for the CoCT we should be in for decreases. I mean what is my money spent on? There is no evidence that me or my unhappy neighbors are plucking any fruit from the current rates we pay . I live in a street that has 1 stop street in the space of a kilometer. Nice racing environment as drivers skips even this 1 STOP. This in a busy school street.
All these increases are they for salary increases? People are losing their jobs and surely CoCT cannot give salary increases given the backdrop of Covid.
I am against an increase on all of the above. I am also against the COCT Levy's. COCT need to manage their work better by streamlining expenses, reducing frivolous expenditure and stop hiring contractors or reduce their headcount. They should freeze all increases and cancel all Levy's.
Property rates
To whom it may concern . I would ask for understanding as my income has not increased due to the Virus and my health , however the rates on my property which is in a good area and the water electricity and other municipal fees continue to increase . This situation is a worry for me and so I would like to ask for some help around this situation .

Thank you
Property rates
It is mind boggling that salary increases are considered for public servants, but when you go to public facilities you are treated as garbage, and if you dont like it, you get thrown out by their private security company, which has an even worse attitude than facility staff.. Cut their pays in half, but let them work current schedules at half the money like the rest of us
It’s time this country started collecting their shortfall from those who plunder and steal instead of those that slave to support the former.
An increase in all of the items are of concern, especially taking the pandemic’s effect in consideration.
The increase must be the absolute minimum for services not to suffer.
As a pensioner we are really battling to keep up with all of the above sector increases . The electricity, property taxes, refuge, sewage, water, petrol etc. is increasing all most monthly. Please please freeze any more increases. Our minusipality account is by far our largest bill although we are living very sparingly by switching of the geyser etc