Cape Town electricity surcharge

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The new increases range from 8.88% to 13.37%.

The impact on the electricity tariff hike will apply to residents who own a prepaid meter in a house worth more than R1 million; or have a credit meter regardless of property value.

Residents who fall into that category are expected to pay a new, fixed R150 a month, no matter how much electricity they use.

They will then pay a rate of about R1.8532 per kWh for the first 600 units a month and R2.1032/kWh after that.

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    Pre-paid meters are meant to save consumers money, not cost them more. R 150 is what many people pay for their electricity per month and their costs will now be double that. During this year, rates have increased, electricity has increased, food prices have increased, people have lost jobs or had their income reduced due to Covid. The surcharge is not justified.