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2024-03-03 13:43:08 +02:00
No I do not
All of it. We are being pushed to accept is, because here is SA there is always load shedding somewhere, but funny there isn't load shedding in the countries we sell electricity too. There isn't load shedding in the houses and offices of the government officials who so greedily try and force this upon us. And don't forget the "job creation" carrot that is always dangling somewhere, while unemployment is pushed through new taxes, new laws, new requirements, new prohibits of this, that and the other. It is not about being green, saving the environment and creating energy for sustainability. It is about making a quick buck for all involved in pushing the a narrative that just pushes the cycle of making money for the rich to get richer and the poor to struggle even more.
2024-03-03 12:13:46 +02:00
No I do not
Nature and Wildlife Tourist Impact
All the reasons are a concern
2024-03-03 11:41:07 +02:00
Not fully
Lack of Public Participation
No publick participation is always a no vote we are not China, North Corea or Russia with idiots in charge
2024-03-02 08:19:18 +02:00
No I do not
Animal and Bird Impact
Considered green energy. But can have a very negative impact on wildlife and birds . , and people.
There seem not to have been proper public participation processes . This is becoming the norm , it seems : the merest nod to such things , while presenting as socially and ecologically concerned , when it is really NOT.
2024-03-01 06:46:21 +02:00
No I do not
Nature and Wildlife Tourist Impact
2024-02-29 22:55:54 +02:00
No I do not
Social and Economic Impact
2024-02-29 20:14:53 +02:00
No I do not
Animal and Bird Impact
Public participation seems to be lacking
2024-02-29 17:08:46 +02:00
No I do not
Nature and Wildlife Tourist Impact
The turbines, which are placed on the top of the hills and stand very high , threaten the scenic views and biodiversity of Makhanda, the Albany landscape and the Addo Elephant National Park.
It would be an atrocity to harm nature in this way and it would also have a very negative impact on tourism. Once this beautiful area is spoiled by manmade technology, it can never be repaired. Countless endangered birds could also be killed in the process by the wind turbines.
2024-02-29 16:09:37 +02:00
No I do not
Biodiversity and Noise-Related Impact
This proposal for a wind-farm in a highly sensitive environmental area; i.e. bird life, and Addo Elephant Park, which has international recognition for the animals and tourists plus no Environmental Impact Study having been undertaken definitely "reeks" of being entirely inappropriate with massive potential damage to the environment and the people groups living in the area.
2024-02-29 15:48:12 +02:00
No I do not
All the above concerns will have negative impacts on the environment, tourism, the economy in particular.