Charge the councillors stealing from the needy

This is a matter of life and death and the ANC should take harsh measures to deal with these thieving councillors.

The government hardly sets a good example in times of crisis, when the nation is asked to come together as an act of solidarity for its survival.

An example of this is the scandal around food parcels and the councillors who have been using these parcels for their own gain.

Elected by the people to serve the people, it is these same public servants that are accused of feeding their friends, families and, indeed, themselves at the expense of the needy.

While many will argue that food parcels are not owed to anyone – that they are merely a helping measure by government and donors – the anger of those the parcels were intended for is perfectly understandable and justified.

While all of us are affected by the lockdown, the restrictions place a heavier burden on the poorer sector of the population.

A family dependent on an elderly grandmother who plies her trade as a second-hand clothing seller under the cover of a worn gazebo, who for the fourth consecutive week cannot garner an income, is more deserving of aid than a counsellor who buys favour for continued employment when the next elections come around.

The continued foraging of provisions meant for the greater good by officials is nothing short of animalistic.

In times of death, theft and corruption; in times of possible hunger and disease; collusion by retailers; and theft, looting and nepotism by councillors and those charged with the responsibility of delivering to the most vulnerable of society is morally reprehensible.

How blurred are the principles that govern these rooms where decisions of power are taken?

Looting, nepotism, collusion, theft and corruption are not unique to South Africa, let alone the government of our day, but this is a matter of life and death and the ANC should take harsh measures to deal with these thieving councillors.

As a people, we need to do better. Gross economic mismanagement that has become synonymous with the rule of our day needs to be probed and stopped dead in its tracks.

Decisive government action is required.