SA Lockdown: Hardware stores to reopen

CAPE TOWN – Tradesmen should find it easier to do emergency repairs now in the second phase of the lockdown.

Regulations have been relaxed to allow for the sale of hardware products and motor vehicle components to essential workers.

But they will have to show the necessary permits first.

Plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and roof repairmen.

They are among those who will be allowed to buy from hardware stores under amended regulations.

But still, no items such as paint are allowed to be sold.

Even smaller hardware stores like this, are keeping records of all customers, and what they buy.

Hardware chain Buco has already been operating with selected stores for a few hours each day during the lockdown, allowing regular clients to get what they need.

“It’s been very slow, maybe 10 or 12 clients during the previous three weeks, currently we’ve had 4 or 5 customers this morning. It will be quiet for a while. I think people aren’t aware they can purchase under extreme, or essential,” said BUCO Montague Gardens manager, Brett Schonfeldt.

Schonfeldt says over the past three weeks, clients have mainly needed plumbing supplies and geysers have been the top-selling items.

Major hardware retailer, Builders Warehouse is preparing to open some of its stores from Monday.

Article by ENCA