Please indicate the following:

  • Are you an employer or employee based in the Western Cape?
  • Have you, as an employer or employee based in the Western Cape, submitted a COVID-19 TERS claim to the UIF? If you have, please elaborate.
  • How many COVID-19 TERS submissions have you, as a Western Cape employer or employee, submitted to the UIF? (This does not refer to the number of employees applied for.)
  • Have you experienced any challenges when applying for the COVID-19 TERS funding or with the payout of approved funds? If you have, please elaborate.
  • If your COVID-19 TERS claim has not been settled, please provide us with your name, ID number, where you applied, the date of the application and the reference number for the claim.
  • According to the UIF, the average number of working days for the COVID-19 TERS payment to be made is five days. How many working days did it take for your approved COVID-19 TERS funding to be paid?
  • If you have received a COVID-19 TERS payout, how many employees were applied for and how many received their payouts?
  • Have you received any response (for example remittance advices) from the UIF indicating which employees have been approved for the COVID-19 TERS payout?
  • Have you received any guidance from the UIF on the COVID-19 TERS application process?
  • How did you become aware of the COVID-19 TERS funding?