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The bill ought to give room for people holding Criminal Justice degrees who will be able to advocate as Criminal Justice Advocates. The current situation allows for social workers to be more recognised, than those who have criminology or criminal justice degrees.
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This should have aready been in pkace, it comes standard. As a victim we now fear the people who are meant to help us, you get ridiculed and blamed instead of getting support.
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See attached file.
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I would like to make a second submission from a different point of view:
The family members of convicted criminals are also victims.and are also in need of support.
They are often ostrracised by their fellow community members or by their work colleagues because of their criminal relatives. Employers sometimes view them with suspicion, working on the premise that the [rotten] apple does not fall far from the tree.
Children are bullied at school because of what their parents or older siblings have done.
There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see a parent berating his son in court for the suffering the son has caused his parents through his criminal activities. The pain that a parent experiences when denouncing a child, must be unbearable. These people need support too.
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While I support the objectives of the Bill, I doubt if they will have meaning in reality. The sad fact is that our social welfare system, like every other government institution in this country, is hopelessly under -resourced and populated by employees who are not of the highest standard. I attend court on a regular basis as a court reporter and I am appalled at the manner in which victim impact assessment reports and other reports are presented. It is quite obvious that these social workers are either too inexperienced or too lazy to handle the sensitive cases they are given.
I can only hope that this Bill will effect genuine improvements in our criminal justice system.
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My comment is based on the Police Officers as service providers to deal with victims during reporting and investigations of the trauma or abuse. The Minister must include in the Bill comprehensive training programmes that will ensure the relevant professionals are trained and capacitated to offer this service especially our police. This includes even if the primary trauma resulted from interaction with the police and whether Independent Police Directorate will deal with those cases or there will be a special task team to this effect.
Social Development must have community workers like oNompilo who must also be trained to assist victims of violence about the procedures and if needed accompany the victims to the appropriate service provider. I would also suggest the use of final year social sciences students to be part of this programme in their community modules. A call center staffed with competent counseling agents must be established per province and at a municipal level. This will help track which provinces and municipalities are problem areas. This must be accompanied by a toll free number and a designated email and not use 10111 as this is an SAPS number.

Victim compensation must be viewed also in light of family and individual perspectives. This means that if as a family our mother or father becomes a victim of violence due to state negligence then what is the procedure to seek compensation if that trauma affected the entire family. There also needs to be early detection markers in the form of a questionnaire that soon to be victims can access and fill out should they suspect imminent trauma at home. I am talking in this case about verbal abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse threats and not just a mugging on the street. There should also be a scoring system as to the severity of the trauma and what support as per the scoring will citizens access. Design an app for these so that people can have access to this. Use the app also as a tool to educate about signs of abuse etc.
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This is the best news from our government on GBV. I myself have been a victim of domestic abuse and the police have failed me, legal representation and am being victimized within my community because the perpetrator had not been correctly informed about breaching a protection order, together with his paid representation. I am on permanent disability and have lost so much of my life because of the latest incident of attempted rape & murder. I have no legal representation as Legal Aid only approve one case at a time, which is my maintenance issue with this same perpetrator. I fully support this!
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It is sad that VICTIMS are put in a far more difficult situation than the PERPETRATORS. This needs to come to an end.