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We are paying through our noses for electricity water and even rates . Sometimes we don’t have water for days . We have experience problems with electricity regularly . The town of Port Shepstone is a mess. Everything is falling to pieces and we are expected to pay more? For what?
Ugu is totally dysfunctional and not providing water and sanitation services as mandated.
Municipalities are required to reduce costs and do their part in reducing the impact on the economy, and the citizens, of SA resulting from the covid pandemic and the measures taken by government to contain the pandemic. Municipal staff and employment costs need to be substantially cut as was the case in the private sector. There should be a freeze on rates, taxes and utility charges of all municipalities and functions that did not obtain clean audit reports as this indicates a lack of financial discipline.
Property rates
Property rates
UGU is just another fine example of our once great nations continued deterioration thru corruption, poor work standards and lack of infrastructure maintenance. Potholes, minimal working street lights, poor water supply are just a few examples. As a result individuals are forced to spend large sums of money to provide back-up water systems. To insist on increased charges is therefore a joke. I don't mind paying for good service, but current property rates are exorbitant compared to other cities I have stayed in, and worst service received.
Property rates
I cannot believe that the municipality wants to impose a price hike especially in the light of the corruption and the non-delivery of services specifically the water shortage that is always experienced. Paying more is like rewarding the municipality for poor management and service delivery.
Property rates
I do not support the intended increase. Ugu has a dismal track record on water supply. They cannot expect increases double inflation rates with their track record. They should stop spending all their money on fruitless community projects designed to blow their own bugle and focus on servicing the community.
Property rates
I do not support rates hike...we do not get services that are meant to be provided..our infrustructure is up to maggots.. storm water drains blocked and broken, street lights on disrepair, roads not resurfaced, verges unkempt and so the list goes on...damn cheek wantingvto raise our rates...maybe if municipal workers actually did their jobs for the high salaries they get things would work...and the municipality has been under investigation for corruption.. I dont think so. And times are tougher thanks to the mismanagement of our current govt.
Ugu is failing the people! There is a water crisis causing loss of income and lives due to Ugu incompetence!
Yes I do support the proposed call for a FREEZE on municipal rates, taxes and tariffs during the current economic climate.

My top concern is Cost of living.
Property rates
Overall there is an extremely poor service delivery of road maintenance and water supply in the area. The tap water is undrinkable and presents a serious health risk with e-coli and mud. The water pipes are often broken and repairs can take days sometimes weeks to be attended to.
We are not getting the services that we are paying for. The verges and roads are not being maintained. There are serious problems with UGU District Municipality regarding the provision of water (or rather the non provision of a dependable water supply. We are often without water for days on end and water leaks are just not repaired and/or totally ignored. And Ray Nkonyeni Municipality which is UGU in disguise. All municipal services are involved. Street lights, roads in a shocking state of disrepair, refuse removal, cemetries, informal settlements and the list grows. Try phoning and see what happens. And there are numerous cases of corruption being investigated. Eskom is a story on its own.
Property rates
The rates are just used to enrich the employees. Services are deplorable. Municipalities must be de-politicized and run by qualified people who know how to deliver services.
The only service that is properly run is the refuse removal. Big thanks to the staff, who even work on holidays, including Christmas!
I selected other as it covers most of the other items above. Unfortunately any increase as usual will not go to improving the services such as the quality of the water, maintenance of the pump stations and sewage plants, poor maintenance of roads and verges etc, etc. But as we see year after year it goes to the salaries of the municipal top staff. If the money is used where intended it would be a different story.
Property rates
To increase water tarrifs by "only" 0.5% more than last year - which had an increase of 8.5% - is well above inflation over the two years.

Every year the rates increase by more than inflation, and ratepayers receive less for their money.

My proposal is that all office staff in the municipality take a sufficient wage cut, each year, until such time as they can improve productivity, and with the savings in wages, improve the living conditions of all residents of the municipality. The money saved on the wages of our municipal administrators will be more than enough to pay for improvements services.
And perhaps they will learn to be more efficient and conscientious and responsible in execution of their jobs. Once they have thus improved their productivity and the provision of services to the community, then they may have appropriate wage increases. Until such time, I will vote against the budget.

Property rates
Property rates
Until such time as services are supplied properly and as they should be, there must be no increase in any rates or tax. In fact they should be reduced.