UCT Vaccine Mandate Policy

Dear South Africa

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The University of Cape Town calls for comment on the draft UCT Vaccine Mandate Policy

    • Following Council’s in principle approval of a proposal requiring that all staff and students provide acceptable proof of having been vaccinated against COVID-19 at the preceding meeting in October, an update on the work done by the university’s Vaccine Mandate Panel (VMP) was tabled at the latest Council meeting.
    • Following the tabling before Council, the draft policy is now published in full and is now open to a consultation process.

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    Dear South Africa


    The draft policy proposes the introduction of a campus-wide vaccine mandate that will be applicable to all staff, students, independent contractors, Faculty of Health Sciences joint staff (working at UCT premises) and other visitors.

    All events held on UCT campus or premises, buildings, or residences, regardless of the organisers, are also covered by this draft policy.

    The draft policy provides for staff and students to apply for an exemption to the vaccine mandate on narrow medical grounds and on grounds of sincerely and intensely held beliefs grounded in religion and/or conscience. Applications will be adjudicated by independent panels, and applicants whose applications are rejected will have a right of appeal.