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If you spend less on corruption, you will have enough money left to do what you need to do. Cut the work corps who sit and play computer games all day and use this money to provide COVID19 relief and keep our rates and taxes in line with inflation. No-one I know will be getting any increases this year (or have been getting increases in previous years) yet the lazy buggers still have the audacity to strike. They should be glad they still have a job.
Spend the money on what is necessary and reward law abiding citizens - stop punishing us for doing what is right. It is time the city counsel starts doing what is right and not POLITICALLY correct.
Money allocated to Municipalities are not "safe" !!
citizens should stop paying to finance the pockets of the Councillors.
With improved governance, lower corruption and better competence, it should never be necessary to increase tariffs beyond inflation.
Consumers are extended beyond their means, even before Covid hit.
There are many pensioners in Tshwane who's only income is their monthly pension! These people can not afford any increase in the rates! Why are there so many areas where people do not pay for services and still receive power ,water and other services?? In the past citizens payed for all services that we earn no income , tarrifs are drastically increased!!
Cut 60% of the government staff and stop steeling our tax money, then all rates will go down and we will have free water covered by our taxes, actually let my tax money be allocated to the party I vote for not to the corrupt ANC communists.
Stop steeling tax money, then there will be more than enough for free municipality services.
Percentage increases are a reasonable, but in terms of the COVID-19 crisis may be considered a percentage or 2 high. But accepted.

What is disgusting though is the increase of, in my case 35% in property valuations, thus the increase is effectively in rates is +/- 8.5%. (Calculation based on a 6.3% increase). UNACCEPTABLE.

The games the council and politicians play.

If the increase in the Property valuation was reduced to 10% the effective increase this year would be +/- 6.9%

What effect has corruption had on the percentage increase. The increase could be lower if this was eliminated. Very little progress is reported on this element!!
All increases are putting more strain on already struggling emplpyees. Then also increasing the salaries of municipal workers during covid is shocking.
Same as my reply above.
stop stealing our money for a start and you will have more of it ,to pay and service things actually require by your community.
any tariffs increases must be halted in the medium-term. South Africans are feeling the pinch of various increases overboard yet the same cannot be said about salary increases. I totally reject any for increases in rates and levies.
I understand that the running costs of the city need to be covered, but wisdom needs to be applied in the increases proposed. The economy itself is growing at 3% (and only at the best of times - it probably averages at 1,5%, and it could even be worse now with the pandemic), but everything else increases with 6%. Most South Africa professionals have not had even a 1% increase in their incomes for the last 3 years. Not even mentioning the livelihoods of our poorer communities. We are struggling to stay head above water. I understand that the municipalities have the same struggle, but they have to prove themselves faithful in how the money they do get is implemented.

I would suggest a maximum increase of 3%, to be in respectful tune with the reality of our economic situation.
The budget relies on the increases proposed, so I stand by my answer above.
Regarding Electricity, we are presently paying very high rates and it is becoming unaffordable at all, driving around my suburb the street lights are on 24 hours a day since the Lockdown and it is a waste of scarce and expensive resources, they need to get their house in order and they can then reduce the current tariffs to a more reasonable tariff as it was before 1994.
They need to get their house in order and they can then reduce the current tariffs to a more reasonable tariff as it was before 1994.
Tax money is not used efficiently. No proper service is rendered.
The more we pay, the more corruption
I have one of the PEU Electricity pre-paid meters which seems controlled externally. My electricity kWh consumption has shot up almost double recently, with not much more items operating and only minimum and well controlled electric heating (I use gas heating predominantly). Thus electricity increase will add an additional financial burden.

Water and sanitation increase is not acceptable as it is only covering water loss and theft in other areas or poorly maintained infrastructure.

All the increases are in excess of current inflation rate and thus not acceptable.
Electricity costs, salaries, water and sanitation increases in the budget. "Electricity for All" unexplained and trust the prepaid meter budget is for those supply points.
Loss of jobs
How are people going to pay.
Government workers have not lost any pay.
Only business owners and workers.
This wickness to doing this in lockdown. Which clearly is not helping with the economy.
So say no to increase
Yes to decreases.
No i dont
End lockdown.
Get the economy going.
i personally do Not agree with any tariff increases at all ! My reasons are many, However the large "pothole/roads works of about 2 X 3.5 Meters" in Gerhard Street between Basden and Glover Avenues, the incomplete construction /roadworks cnr Gerhard Street and Jean Ave.The cv19 lock down did Not allow us to view the proposed Municipality Property Rates tariff hikes, as the Municipal offices cnr Rabie Street and Basden and the other entrance in Clifton Ave were CLOSED During the review timetable. We Rate Payers also Demand a Reduction in the Rates and Taxes for general lack of services, grass verges on municipal streets are hardly ever mowed, most private owners do the mowing of said verges out of frustration 1 So before we wil even consider an appropriate increase Do what you are currently being paid to do !
Already stated why above.
We get no services from the municipality ....
Not electricity
Boerhole water
French drain
No roads
No rubbish collection
This is a time of incredible hardship for most middle-class earners that are still employed. As an entrepreneur with a dwindling income it is unacceptable that the City of Tshwane are increasing their budgets and what is expected of its residents especially with the dwindling ability to serve its populace.
All increases should be frozen until the economy normalizes.
It would be a great relief for many
citizens if the proposed increases are not implemented. Many people are struggling and on the verge of starvation
My opinion is that corruption should be adressed and salary increases not be implemented. Most people did not get any salary increase