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2023-12-05 12:42:07 +02:00
No I do not
You have no right to control another person's body or dictate what they choose to do with it, as long as they do not harm another man or woman. Who gave someone the authority to strip away these rights from others? Such a level of control borders on the notion of authoritarianism, which is something that you want to see in your smart cities I mean smart-concentration cities.
2023-11-29 20:26:03 +02:00
No I do not
You give all these concerns but never corruption, mismanagement, tax payer abuse, incompetence by officials, ineffectual state.
Get the police to hunt down the drug dealers and distributors. Feed them their own drugs till they die. Stop finding ways to enforce the NWO aganda. The WHO lost all credibility with COVID and to be fair so has the ANC with their fraud, corruption, theft, mismanagement, poor decision making, terrible leaders, pathetic politicians and policies with unintended consequences. Take drugs off the streets and make it easier for businesses to flourish. Get out of our lives and stick your totalitarian ideas where the sun don't shine.
2023-11-28 22:01:22 +02:00
No I do not
Treatment of SUD, rehabilitation, recovery and social reintegration
2023-11-21 21:13:12 +02:00
No I do not
2023-11-17 02:49:56 +02:00
No I do not
Availability of Alcohol and Drugs
People who want help will seek for it .
2023-11-15 17:41:10 +02:00
No I do not
Illicit drugs or prescription medication
Drugs are widely available to everyone the polices collect bribe and do nothing about it , these people who are into drugs knows the consequences yet to consume it to be on a high , the taxpayer cannot be forced to pay for a drug addict or a merchant we're are our polices can't they do their jobs , my opinion say no to drugs those who don't comply arrest them those merchants selling them should be arrested also should be both ways in this way it will greatly reduce the sale and consumption of these illegal substances .
2023-11-15 15:55:32 +02:00
No I do not
The whole thing stinks. You say you want to decolinize, yet you keep taking orders from your masters at the who. Get your story straight mofos.
2023-11-15 07:22:05 +02:00
No I do not
A person who has abuse problens will not be helped by forcing help on them. They need to admit to needing help and wanting it for themselves. Turning them into criminals will not help them. SA is a very unique society, different to any other in the world. We cannot simply adopt WHO patterns to such a diverse society. They are doomed to fail. Perhaps the minister should rather use her own mind, rather than blindly following WHO strategies and come up with new and innovative ideas of her own
2023-11-14 22:04:43 +02:00
No I do not
The WHO is an unelected body that has no right to influence SA in any way whatsoever.
If the SA government is so concerned about substance abuse, there are far better things to be done than additional legislation.
Start by improving the enforcement of existing laws. Get rid of the useless Minister of police and get someone with honesty, integrity, and a good brain in to fill that position!
We want NOTHING to do with the W.H.O.!!!
2023-11-14 21:11:27 +02:00
No I do not
Only people that WANT help can be ? Helped.
Criminals ?? must be ARRESTED for a #Crime that they committed (theft etc) ♎⚖️ ??️ & not be arrested for the so Called REASON (substance ?? Abuse) why they committed the Crime ♎⚖️ (theft #etc ♎⚖️).