section 25

The National Assembly and National Council of Provinces has mandated the Constitutional Review Committee to:

  1. review section 25 of the Constitution and other sections where necessary, to make it possible for the state to expropriate land in the public interest without compensation;
  2. propose the necessary constitutional amendments where applicable with regards to the kind of future land tenure regime needed.

You are invited to object or support amendments to the constitution by providing comment below. Should you be at a loss for words, read the live input or documents below the form. Feel free to copy and paste into the message area provided.   Closing date is midnight 15 June 2018.

Add your comment now.

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A copy of your message will be sent to you along with an automated proof of receipt. Check your junk mail folder if you can’t find it.

It is important to note this is not a petition but is the first step in an essential Participative Democracy process. And here’s the best bit; as each comment is immediately sent as a unique email to the designated government representative, comments must, by law, be individually acknowledged and considered by the Government. Had this been a petition, they would treat it as a single comment.

By using this service you ensure an accurate record is held by civil society (on our encrypted database) so government cannot fudge facts and figures. This process forms a solid foundation for a legal case should the necessity arise.



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2018-08-16 09:31:34 +02:00
Yes, change the constitution.
Stolen property, when recovered, has to be returned to its rightful owner
2018-08-16 08:06:13 +02:00
Yes, change the constitution.
Lest we forget. Gone are the days when we were marginalized, oppressed and abused. Our leaders fought for our freedom. With freedom comes change. Let us embrace change that will promote land expropriation, so we can claim back what was brutally taken from us.
2018-08-16 06:58:39 +02:00
No, do not change the constitution.
We the white people sid not steal any land fram the black people, in any case that it was possible please petition the courts with facts. The farm land will but be the first in all assets owned by white people resulting in a complete confescation. The land will resort to ANC government owned and black peolple wil be but tennants. This will surely destroy our fraglile economy and then the country as a whole.
2018-08-15 21:46:42 +02:00
No, do not change the constitution.
I am concerned that will end up like Zimbabwe. Our country has a good farming community , who supplies us with an adequate food supply. If we allow for expropriation of land , we are allowing people to take the land and basically only live on it. The recipients have no or little idea of how to run a productive farm and they lack the resources to do so. We as South Africans will lose good and the government will lose revenue. Please think before you act Mr. PRESIDENT.
2018-08-15 20:46:41 +02:00
Yes, change the constitution.
We should have our land back..that's only fair


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expropriation without compensation


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