Parliament invited the public to comment on the Electoral Commission Amendment (Referendum) Draft Bill.

    • extend the application of the Electoral Commission Act, 1996 to include a mechanism for the Premier of a province to call for referendum;
    • repeal the Referendums Act, 1983 (Act No. 108 of 1983).

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DearSA referendum bill
Dear South Africa

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    Dear South Africa

    Section 84 of the Constitution provides for the President to call a national referendum. Section 127 provides for Premiers to call a provincial referendum, in terms of national legislation.

    However, in its current form, the Referendums Act only allows for the President to call a referendum and does not provide for a Premier to call for a referendum in a province. The draft Bill, therefore, seeks to address this omission by an amendment enabling a Premier to exercise their Constitutional powers to call a provincial referendum, to ensure that provincial residents can make their voices heard on important issues.

    This Bill seeks to bring power closer to the people by giving elected Premiers the mechanism to use their constitutional powers to call referendums on crucial service delivery issues, where the dysfunctional national government has failed, such as railways, the police, and electricity generation.