Public Procurement Bill 2020

The National Treasury has published the draft Public Procurement Bill, and is asking you to comment.

409 have provided input so far. Have your say below.

The draft Bill aims to create a single regulatory framework for public procurement and eliminate fragmentation in laws which deal with public sector procurement by, among others, providing for:

(a) general procurement requirements;
(b) an enabling framework for preferential procurement;
(c) a Public Procurement Regulator within the National Treasury and its functions;
(d) the functions of provincial treasuries;
(e) measures to ensure the integrity of the procurement process;
(f) the power to prescribe different methods of procurement;
(g) a framework for supply chain management;
(h) infrastructure delivery management;
(i) a framework on the disposal of assets;
(j) dispute resolution mechanisms; and
(k) the repeal and amendment of certain laws.

Comments close on Sunday, 31 May 2020

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