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No I do not
Recover the amounts in excess of inflation from the overpaid/overstaffed within your municipality as well as the thieves and those who have defrauded your municipality.
Your services increases have far exceeded inflation since way back, with excessive increases on excessive increases bankrupting residents.
The result is that many leave the area and go to cheaper municipalities.
This becomes your loss, but it appears your answer is to simply increase still further the next year.
Please become more efficient.
Please do your work for which you are paid (yes I am generalizing but you know exactly where and what ) and give value for money you collect.
Potholes (as an example), when eventually filled, need to be redone after the next rains. Serious lack of expertise in being able to complete any job right the first time is costing everyone.
Where has your expertise/efficiency gone??
No I do not
Increases way above the inflation rate are unacceptable and immoral because service delivery is poor and deteriorating.
No I do not
Get rid of the corruption and you may well find that these proposed increases are unnecessary. Besides, we can't exactly call the Ethekwini Municipality the best service provider on the planet !!!
No I do not
Water, rates and electricity we township citizens are being fraud and not treated fairly. In townships we always run out of the above. waste is not color coded collected where in suburbs they are given pastics in color codes and waste collected in color code. eg. papers separately, bottles and tins separetely, grass separately. Till when will we be treated differently. our grass is not cut. drainage system is not cleaned and we end up being attacked by rats which invades our homes. We are even afraid of leaving doors open due to rate attack. Tenders are provided unjustly
No I do not
We are getting less service and are expected to pay more?! Sort out the corruption and these increases won't be necessary, we can't afford to pay more.
No I do not
Check your pockets, I'm sure you'll find that you've already "misplaced" the raise you want to give yourselves. 😉
No I do not
Electricity bills are always high and yet you never see anyone coming to check the usage of electricity in our house's just bull shit ...and the bills are always late
No I do not
The City of Johannesburg is not treating us well it's overcharging us in terms of water, we once have no water for 3Month when we wanted to know why no one was aware or gave is explanation
No I do not
We simply cannot afford any further increases and we cannot tighten our belts any further
George Norman
No I do not
It is noted that RATES REBATES are not based on age, Pensioners are normally on a fixed income with no increases and should have this Rebate. The Rates Rebate is based on the value of the property in which you live. If the value is over R2.00m you get no Rebate whatsoever.
Where in eThekwini is a person going to find a property valued a R2.00m or less. Again this is a tax on the White and indian People.
This apparently is going to happen in most Municipalities where yet again the White and Indian people are going to be taxed.
I looked at a new Retirement Village at Mount Edgecombe and the Municipal Rates on a Maisonette 2x bed 2 bath with double garage was stated to be R3841.75 per month . Immeduately across the N2 a 3bed, 2 bath, house with 2xlounges and double garage pays +/-R1800per month. What is the reason. Please explain.
Beatrice Maureen
Not fully
I have had a leak on the water meter which i reported in January and have not as yet received any credit for this after many telephon calls.

The drains in our area block as soon as we have a storm and this leads to flooding and the sourage pipe over-flowing what are we paying for if these essentail things are not maintained?
No I do not
We reside in an area that is neglected the roads and street light are hardly ever updated.Calling and informing engineering department is useless. No electricity for days and the set response is cable lost.Refuse collection is problematic as it's out sourced. No payment no collection. We are not able to walk the streets crime is rampart as criminals drive with guns steal mobiles cars and from homes.
Citizens if rates are not paid on time end up paying interest even thought service delivery for which they pay is not up to mark.
Visiting official offices is problematic as account are not found, queries on reading are not updated and months later bills show the payments dur in the thousands.Queries end with its your responsibility to pay yet municipality had not provided up to date Billing information.
Consumers are on the back foot municipality is always right. Yes increase rate for poor deliver of services or for increase in even o more corruption??????
Mohamed Tahir
No I do not
How can my property value Jump from R 1.6 million to R5.5million overnight.
Water is a God's gift to mankind.
How can you charge for water.
I don't mind paying for service deliveries
No I do not
This is a test of the system