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Pramlal (Tenant?
No I do not
If the Govt; Municipalities; Eskom; Nersa and law enforcement agencies cannot stop illegal connections which is theft and the theft of Eskom equipment like cables then hikes in electricity tariffs is illegal unconstitutional and unfair. Those that pay religiously are fleeced whilst power is stolen daily in informal settlements ; free housing areas and also in some cases by the rich. If the municipality cannot recover losses why do honest customers have to suffer. The debt will Neva decrease but only increase. Millions of foreigners enjoy free stolen power also. Theft is a crime. People need to be charged. These illegal " sparkies" don't connect illegal power if it is not asked for. This is daylight robbery. The sense of entitlement in SA is disgusting. Plus the corruption at Eskom is it our fault. I'm a poor tenant and have to swallow these increases without any hope of respite. Absolute nonsense.

No I do not
These increases are far too high, businesses are already suffering and these increases will cause many to close