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Heritage development
There are several factors at play.
Heritage development of Newlands will create jobs and encourage tourism on an on-going basis.
The environmental impact of more housing there and offices - is of concern.
Heritage development
Heritage sites
The stadium forms part of the suburb and history of the area. The grounds could be used for school rugby, soccer tournaments, as well as sporting events like Craven week.
Markets and concerts could also be held there.
Heritage development
Behou die stadion. Beter om te bewaar as om af te breei
No concern
Mixed use development of the site. It's progress. It is too large to be properly maintained site & will not generate enough money as a heritage site.
Heritage development
It would boost the tourism sector as a heritage site. South Africa has much unused land and does not required wasteful expenditure to demolish a stadium. Use that 300mil to build houses for the flood victims instead.
Heritage development
The failure of government to provide social housing over 25 years is not becuase there is inadequate land in this country. Leave alone all the great developments that have served us over many years, developments that were invested, well planned and executed. The stadium is for all the people. I am not a sports fan, but have great memories in the stadium as a student where there were free activities happening. E.g. going to see Billy Graham, meeting Robert Marawa. The stadium has nothing to do with the poor service delivery we have been seeing over the years. Find other innovative ways to develop and leave this signature landmark alone!
Heritage development
Financial implications
I do not think it an economically wise decision to demolish the Newlands stadium. I believe more could be gained by declaring the site a heritage site and using it as a local business center and tourist attraction.
One cannot measure the commercial realities or for that matter object without knowing what the actual development rights are- but it would seem that a rezoning application has not been approved and until such time as the rights are made public, future use is speculative but an adaptive sports function seems the most obvious

The site has several challenges that are likely to make any redevelopment expensive as road access is poor ( Boundary Road) and servicing costs (electricity, sewerage and water ) will be factor of the amount of bulk approved in rezoning and balancing those costs in the overall feasibility wiil require examination of a number off possible permutations

The other unknown being existing value anticipation on the part of the owners as unless adaptive use is possible at an economic level , or a minimum development bulk amount can be guaranteed , the real estate as it stands is a liability and not an asset
The idea in entirety
Newlands is synonomous with SA Sport and as such should be left untouched. Who are the people who are going to benefit from this project ,
?????? No prizes for guessing.
Heritage development
The idea in entirety
Find another solution, this is so unnecessary.