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The historic Newlands Rugby Stadium is set for possible demolition to make way for housing and office developments. However, a proposal is on the table to declare the stadium a heritage site, global interest museum, local business centre, and tourist attraction.

    • cost of demolition R300m plus housing/office development costs
    • economic benefit of heritage development.

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    Dear South Africa


    Former Springbok captain Wynand Claassen has made a last-ditch attempt to prevent the sale of Newlands rugby stadium.

    Netwerk24 reported over the weekend that Claassen filed papers to have Newlands declared as a ‘heritage site’ which could prevent the sale of the famous old stadium.

    In February, the Western Province Rugby Football Union (WPRFU) and SA Rugby announced that Newlands was to be placed on the market in a sealed bidding process.

    The proposed sale was Tuesday, but SA Rugby is only expected to announce the winning bid at the end of June.

    Claassen, however, believes there is too much historical value attached to the stadium to allow it to be sold to a developer – with the likely aim of demolishing it.

    Claassen, and other unknown individuals, launched the Save Newlands Rugby Stadium campaign. They applied to the Western Cape government to declare Newlands a heritage site.

    “For me it’s about the historical and social value. We feel that you can keep Newlands in its current form and with much less expenses convert it into an unbelievable tourist attraction.”


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