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Yes I am
Thank you NMB Municipality!
No I am not
Decisions are being taken in council meetings but are not implemented, eg In sourcing of Plumbers who have been put under EPWP
Lack of service delivery.
There is few plumbers the whole municipality to be able to save water by fixing leaks.
Promises made to communities are not being met and there is no feedback or update.
No I am not
Corruption is rife again after the DA were given the boot by ANC and EFF. We don't see municipal workers anymore, just as it was before the DA got into power.

The situation under the DA had vastly improved. The metro was cash positive again for the first time in many years. Been looted again.

We need accountable government at local and national levels.
No I am not
Delay in service delivery.
Water wastage by Municipality
Unqualified representatives in office
No I am not
Some areas of the city are APPALLINGLY dirty, with plastic and rubbish lying everywhere. The availability of refuse collection trucks has dropped to 50% of total availability with only 30 trucks being operational! The municipality is always bleating on about saving water and reducing consumption, but in some suburbs water leaks are simply left for months and months.
No I am not
The re is no municipality currently. Basic services for civilized people do not exist but rates are still being paid. How can this organization be called "Municipality"?
No I am not
No service delivery at all for more than a year!!
Lorna Antonette
No I am not
No services delivery at all!!
Not fully
Large areas of the city are badly maintained, especially historical buildings. The road network also urgently requires upgrading and the speedbumps standardised for efficient use, fuel saving and minimisation of our carbon footprint.
Not fully
The city can be cleaned better and the streets be fixed and roads painted more often.
No I am not
Service delivery is poor. R21M lost on suspect drain cleaning, no control. Water leaks that have been reported not being repaired for months.
No I am not
Unfortunately NMB falls into the general category of public institutions which are controlled by politicians whose sole purpose is to further their own ends. These politicians - primarily of the ANC, EFF and UDM - have contrived to remove capable and efficient municipal officials to install their own cadres so that they can pilfer the public purse. As a consequence service delivery, even such fundamental issues as rubbish removal and water supply, have been minimised or have ceased. Quite clearly the people who suffer most are those in the poorer communities.
No I am not
This is a filthy, corrupt city under the current ANC coalition govt. Infrastructure is decaying and growth potential is being neglected. Business is suffering as a result of budgets not being spent resulting in unemployment which has a knock-on effect of escalating crime. This city is in dire need of good leadership, and not run by those who are "feeding" themselves from the good money that its citizens generate. Wake up PE and vote with your head at the next election.
No I am not
Ever since the demise of the DA lead coalition, the general service delivery and financial situation of our municipality has rapidly gone South!
No I am not
A stable management committee should be put in place under the direction of
a fully compliant qualified and able manager. Those individuals who are corruption tainted should be removed from office and legally investigated and that should include individuals bank accounts. All doubtful bank accounts should be frozen and audited by SARS
No I am not
Too much corruption and infighting in the top strucktures. Roads are getting worse by the day