Mbombela District City Comments 21/22

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Property rates
My concern is property rates on farms where we don't receice any services. Then I am constantly reminded that Albert Lithuli is mismanaging our funds for purposes not related to the interest of expanding the economy of the district!
Municipality squanders money on irregular tenders , does not repair substantial damage to roads that have become dangerous for motorists and pedestrians, allows dumping of refuse at roadsides in and around the city and does not enforce any health and related bylaws. Taxis permitted to stop in no stopping areas without any control. Mbombela is becoming a total disgrace and The City wants to increase rates, they have lost contact with reality. Pay for what you get.
Property rates
Property rates are too expensive, yet we also pay tax
Property rates
Property rates
Reactive rather than planned maintenance. Has wider implications than my locality. A basic human right.
This also impacts on water provision, health and well being.
Property rates
While I understand that municipalities need cashflow, there are a lot of people who are struggling since COVID. The other issue for me is that electricity supply is not a municipal issue and should be separated from them as it adds additional admin for municipalities!
Property rates
I am opposing increases in electricity, water, sewerage, rates. These tariffs are already to high. Why must the average citizen pay the shortfall resulting from the plunder of funds by corrupt, treacherous ministers during state capture. The looting of institutions is continuing as no action is taken to punish offenders. During the water crisis, toilets cannot be flushed. Many elderly cannot afford to purchase water. Unhygienic conditions are health hazards. Why has no action been taken to those who destroyed the infrastructures of destroying the water pipes etc? A few years ago the pensioners, who lacked funds, were given property rebates. The rates department then provided rebates to all senior citizen, hence lowering the rebates for the needy and struggling. When questioned, the Hibiscus municipalitity claimed that the wealthy demanded this rebate. I cannot afford the latest tariffs as I am on a fixed unsustainable pension, static since 2000, when I was required to take early retirement, after being injured during voluntary policing (receiving no compensation). The payment of the rates has already increased to finance the policing forums. I spoke to the Ramsgate policing forum, which informed me to contact the municipality - to no avail as everyone lacks accountability. I was told that the finance was used to pay reservists. I worked for more than 20 years in a voluntary capacity and I studied for the BA Police Science degree. I have nothing of value in my flat. I do not require assistance from corrupt, ignorant police members who lack practical skills. I worked as a volunteer at Margate Police Station. One is safe when one utilises the assistance of members of security firms, who have helped me, even though I cannot subscribe to these companies. Note residents in sectional titles may be obliged to pay a set water fee every month, despite not residing on the property permanently. The only solution is to recover stolen funds and enforce hard labour on the obscenely obese ministers, responsible for the lack of finance in the country. I and numerous acquaintances cannot afford to pay increases. In fact we cannot even afford sufficient food daily. Note I am forced to retire as I cannot obtain employment, despite my qualifications and experience
Property rates
Property rates
Already unable to afford rates and taxes. Why are rates and taxes so low in the western cape and its much better run. We demand transparency with what our money is being spent on.
The municipality is not using the money properly. There will be just more for them to pilfer!