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No I am not
The Municipality is Bankrupt to be called rated as a metro. and Its Under Administration.
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Potholes are stating to get out of control, there are several lights in the streets that are not working, the grass in public areas are not cut, public spaces are extremely filthy etc.
Not fully
I remember a time when sidewalks were kept neatly trimmed, and cleaned regularly. A neatly kept neighbourhood lifts the mood of its people. Happier people are more productive with a much more positive outlook on life, which causes them to contribute more to society & the economy.

Why are we still a water restricted area, it has rained more over the last couple of months than in years? Is it only to keep water fees higher?
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Zero service , accounts is a mess , no assistance to sort issues . Water issues , electricity issues . Our roads is in bad condition , our city is full off rubbish.
No I am not
No service delivery from metro.
Owe Bloemwater millions and millions. Every month they cut our water to 30% for non payment
The DA is the only party that try their utter best to assist us. Our street lights does not work at night. Suverage runs all over the city.