Lekwa township development


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Lekwa Municipality (Gert Sibanda District) wants to establish a township on portion 123 of the Farm Grootverlangen, and called for public comment.

Lekwa Local Municipality is experiencing a multitude of informal settlements which interferes with land use control and service delivery. The ever-increasing sporadic mushrooming of informal settlements is due to the growing need for serviced stands and access to land.

  • There is a great demand from the community of Lekwa Local Municipality to acquire serviced stands for residential development that demand is currently fuelling land invasions and the mushrooming of informal settlements
  • A number of interrelated factors have driven the emergence of informal settlements such as population growth, rural-urban migration, lack of affordable housing and serviced stands, insufficient delivery of basic services, economic vulnerability and low-paid work;
  • These factors result in an ever-increasing need for new township establishments and affordable serviced stands, hence the mushrooming of informal settlement. There is a need to establish townships to allow for the allocation of stands and improved land use management control in Lekwa Local Municipality.
  • Moreover, the proposed development will promote sustainable functional and integrated human settlements by maximizing resources efficiently whilst enhance the regional identity and unique character of a Lekwa Local Municipality.

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