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No I do not
Not fully
Firstly I don't believe proper process and procedure should be removed, we need valid and transparent processes to avoid corruption more than ever now. We cannot allow the individuals in charge to allow things to get so bad that an emergency is declared and they are consequently allowed to do as they please.

I believe we can solve the power supply problem very quickly without huge investment from government and with huge benefit to South African citizens and businesses. There are huge reserves of capital available in corporate South Africa that could be leveraged here. What I believe we need to do is allow individuals and businesses to sell power from their solar systems back into the grid through simple and transparent policy. The equipment to do so safely is absolutely available and can be specified or built into the meter at the individual or businesses cost. I believe these should be specified either broadly enough to allow a few options and any manufacturer should be allowed to apply for approval of their equipment and quality control.

The advantages of this option are as follows:
1. There will be a massive amount of clean power brought on-line quicker than any other option that I can think of at almost no cost to government. Also, the demand on the current infrastructure is reduced with every installation.
2. There would likely be sufficient demand for equipment for either local entrepreneurs or international manufacturers to set up local production which would create jobs and reduce the costs of these systems. Furthermore it would provide a massive boost to the installers of these systems who would have plenty of work and would no doubt be able to employ and train a lot of people.
3. Those who install solar systems for their own use are no longer lost to the power economy. When they are lost it reduces the demand , the economy of scale and the ability to subsidies power infrastructure and supply to those who cannot afford it.
4. With additional supply available Eskom will be more able to do the maintenance to their infrastructure that is so badly needed to stabilize their business and reduce their costs as breakdowns are more expensive than routine maintenance.
5. You instantly create the competition to Eskom that has been discussed lately to moderate the cost of power which is so badly needed. Furthermore that competition is not subject to the same pressures and influences that affect Eskom which removes the possibility of individuals or groups holding the country to ransom!!
6. It allows businesses who are facing ever increasing costs the ability to reduce costs and stabilize their own supply such that they are able to operate more consistently contributing massively to the countries economy. If they are able to be payed for any excess power produced it makes it more feasible to finance an installation if they do not have the capitol.
7. The people being made rich from the production of our power are more likely to be South Africans or at least South African Tax payers and definitely more broadly based than the current system.

The disadvantages of this would be as follows:
1. Solar is not the most consistent source of power but if Eskom invested instead in storage systems we could take advantage of more and more of it. Furthermore the investment in ones own storage is then easier to make if the generation is subsidized by the sale of excess power.
2. It might be difficult to manage the countries total generation capacity but it may be more manageable with our eggs in thousands upon thousands of small baskets instead of all in one big basket. The price paid for power could be adjusted according to demand through transparent policy and equations.
3. There is a large amount of admin that comes with this system but the infrastructure for it to be done is largely in place already for the billing of power consumed. The additional administration could require more employees to do it but those are jobs as well and the cost thereof can be build into the price calculation.

I'm sure there are many more hurdles to be cleared in setting something like this up but the conversation needs to be started such that we can discover these hurdles and have as many people as possible thinking of ways to overcome them.
Yes I do
Yes I do
Yes I do
The cheapest way is solar BUT that only supplies during the day.
Wind may help a bit.
Long term for night supply would be nuclear since there currently isn't a way of storing huge quantities of electricity reliably.
Coen & Olivia
Yes I do

The reality is Government cannot control any of the State Owned Enterprises.
We now need to make them step aside and explore the alternatives for the survival of South Africa.
Electricity is vital in all spheres and the economy is being seriously affected by the continuous interruptions.
Yes I do
It costs the economy Millions of rands when we have Load-shedding, this can be prevented if we have access to Independent power producers.
Yes I do
The monopoly held by government needs to be relinquished. as they have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt they are incapable of running any of the state owned facilities. Power is crucial to any country and should be treated as such. However wind and solar have been proven less than ideal in other parts of the world, so realistically we should continue with our coal resources until we have a proper solution AND the funds to pursue a satisfactory alternative. Great strides have been made with pressurised hydrogen and there are many great minds working frantically on a solution to the problem as we speak. The “global warming “ scare is proven to be a farce by statistics taken from satalite data, the most accurate available , so we don’t need to resort to hysteria and rush into expensive and useless alternatives . Just keep looking for the best alternative. It will be found.
Yes I do
Yes I do
Right now, though it is NOT a long term solution because of the environmental impact, I would even take coal. We MUST always independent power companies to take hold because eskom is simply past saving. We cannot rely on them and we MUST have power.