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Water rates and property rates also included
Property rates
The municipality has DOUBLED my rates without proper assessment. I already submitted objection in MAY 2021 but they are still charging me X 2 and ignoring my emails and OBJECTION. There is no way that unemployed can afford these rates increases, nor electricity that is sky high and water. The service delivery is appalling and we have no one to turn to. It's time to stop the corruption and mismanagement and give a decent service to ratepayers!
Property rates
The Rates can’t be higher than a reasonable expected Market Value of the property.
Property rates
Property rates
The value went up by Over R1 million. That is highly untrue. I can accept the 4% proposed which will be R43.79 additional to my bill.
I would like to know how much of our service charges and rates goes towards funding the Ekurhuleni IDP is it possible to get a breakdown?
Increasing the tariffs at this stage will not be beneficial for economic growth. With majority of South Africans suffering from loss of income, rising fuel and food prices, residents would not be able to afford to live in this town.

The better option would be on focusing attention towards the infrastructure, we have more buildings popping up, which means more capacity for more residents. If tarrifs are increased these potential residents might not find the idea of living in Ekurhuleni so attractive
Property rates
Everything has gone up but has our salaries increased? No! If all the units in a complex has the same evaluation something is wrong! Not everyone has revamped their kitchen/bathrooms or has a swimming pool. Once again a scheme to milk the cow untill it drops dead!
Property rates
My property rates went from R591 to R1490 plus the massive increase on the units.Its getting impossible to keep up with payments .I thought it will increase by 4%
Property rates
My property rates in my town house complex in Meyersdal have increased from 1327.31 to 1753.33
Which is an increase of 32%.
Way unreasonable..
OMG!!! I can not believe I had to pay R1123 for water for R1619 for electricity. My water bill was R553, now I'm paying double 🙁
How did we get here???
Property rates
I have been RETRENCHED and my husband passed away, I can not find a job because of my age, 57 years old. How am am meant to survive when everything goes up. I need the powers at be to please reconsider this. We are not surviving, but Ekurhuleni staff are getting an increase. Offer me a job at Ekurhuleni so I can pay your rates. It's absolutely ridiculous!!
Property rates
We CAN not afford
It's still really hard times as vast majority of people list jobs and vast majority of companies are still retrenching workers, so with these increases it makes life very difficult, so in order for me to save water I must no go to the toilet which is not possible. I think it would be better not to remove that clause that says "if your property value does not exceed R750 000 you get free 6kl
Property rates
Why do we have to pay for the looters that ransacked Eskom?
All tariffs.

This is an overall increase of 44.59% on one single bill as everything has been increased. How do you expect pensioners, unemployed persons due to losing their jobs because of the pandemic and low income families to afford this type of increase on basic services. Do you expect them not to eat at all? Many can barely afford to as it is. And what happened to the allotted amount of "free" electricity and "free" water that was there? It's pay a bill for electricity but not be able to cook food as food now becomes a luxury.
The entire system is corrupt. These increases are merely to enrich the people in government throughout the country and will never be used to better any bit of service - that is how its run for over 20 years. I refuse to support corruption no matter how it is coated. I cannot believe they want increases when I have NEVER received any increase in service form them , if anything I always get my bills late which I have to continuously fix up. They charge me of R100 fine if I pay my account on 2 of the month yet I receive my account 2 months later every single month and that's just one of their other ways of enriching themselves at the expense of the public.
Property rates
The increase is not justifiable, further more the value of my house has not increased, affordability is also an issue paying 2k on rates and services which exclude electricity is ridiculous.