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The Department of Employment and Labour called for public comment on the Draft Employment Equity Regulations 2023

    • The new section 15A introduces sectoral numerical targets.
    • The purpose of this addition is to ensure the equitable representation of people from designated groups (historically disadvantaged groups of people based on race, gender, and disability) at all occupational levels in the workforce.
    • The amendment empowers the Minister of Employment and Labour (Minister) to identify national economic sectors for purposes of the administration of the EEA and set numerical targets for each such sector.

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    This after the DA and rights groups accused the Department of Employment and Labour of trying to sideline Coloured and Indian workers. The ANC and Cosatu dismissed the claim, saying the official opposition is misrepresenting the proposals. The department published the regulations for comment after President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Employment Equity Amendment Bill of 2020 into law last month.

    Michael Bagraim discussed the devastating impacts this bill could have with Julie Alli from Salaa Media