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Yes I do
I think it will be a good thing if all political parties disclose all party finances and their private funding institutions.

Foreign country's are deciding our country such USA and there are political parparties who receiving money to perpetrate violence in our country. So I say YES I support the amendments
No I do not
Stop waisting money.
No I do not
With 48 parties likely to co test the May 8 election in SA, absolute clarity is needed about where the parties get their funds. Too ma y parties getting funds from the same source tends to indicate that someone is trying to sinisterly manipulate the minds of SA Citizens Monies must be generated by the political parties .Not monies that is for the the public -for schools and hospitals.The fat cats can sponser them selves. 
No I do not
It will limit freedom in business.
Yes I do
Yes I do support..
Because It will reduce/stop corruption in our country
Yes I do
It will enable democracy to unfold especially for new parties that have registered with IEC , if only one party rules then National Assembly which is the one that legislate , then won't be any inputs from other parties , it means politics in South Africa doesn't really impact or affect our Country, we need debates so that sober decisions are taken that will impact positively to our Country and communities at large
No I do not
The economy is bag already, why waste more money?
No I do not
Making it more difficult for companies to do their business. Discouraging new businesses and growth.
No I do not
Government is always looking to get richer by taking from the working class
No I do not
Its ridiculous that some people can even come up with such corrupt way of thinking. The rich want to steal themselves ritcher by taking from the ones who already is pushed out of a job and now have to work 16 hours a day as entrepreneurs
No I do not
Government has too much red tape to create a company. Private companies should not have to follow these.
No I do not
Always new rules!!!!!.

How much more does Governments want to STEAL???,!!!!!

Not supporting this.

Go f#$%ck youeselves!!!
No I do not
The govt currently cannot abuse certain companies, because of the legalisation of how they were set up

It stops the govt from taking what they want when they want..

They probably will, anyway - but i refuse to help them legalise their theft!
No I do not
Stop making new rules to steel more.
No I do not
A private company is as the name says private. Unless the start up capital was received by government, it should be treated as independent and should do as they please with the company from employment to who they do business with. Also one cannot penalise a successful company, not being BEE, from doing business with the state as that is where corruption comes in by inflating prices at the cost of tax payers.
Yes I do
It is time that business owners start following protocols for effective company management, in order to protect its employees.

I would like to add, that business owners not living in SA must be held accountable for monies drawn through their businesses as expenses by any of the controlling bodies.
Yes I do
It is apparent that the Bill aims to improve corporate governance, eliminate corruption and self enrichment of the select company few at the cost of everyone else and inefficiency.
No I do not
why does the Government want to get involved in companies? Government should clean it's own house before they can start looking for dirt in the other houses!
No I do not
Auditors should be completely independent and I would raise the 5 years to 10 years.
Government should not interfere with business, instead it should help businesses and entrepreneurs grow more business in the country by providing tax breaks and incentives good business practices.
No I do not
Absolute madness!!!! It will cause a total collapse of the South African economy!!!
No I do not
No I do not
I object!!! Coz what about the poor people and even middle class people with kids we can barely keep up with our monthly bills especially we who have children and jobs that don't pay enough!!! Constantly scraping through the month as is

Yes I do
Yes, this is good for transparency, since even private companies are involved in shady business, especially the big chiefs!
Why would you want to hide anything that is not proprietary or intellectual property?
No I do not
We are tired of public private partnerships, ngo's in which We the People pay and the rest profits. We've had it with bankster socialism and it prescribing how government must operate messing up natural economic activity. Soon this is coming to South Africa. Pay attention. Video
Not fully
We generally support the amendments required to ensure a clean (fraud free), ethical and transparent business environment.

However we do feel that It Is Necessary To Put The Brakes On The Proliferation Of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B BBEE). It Is Our Firm Conviction That The B BBEE Legislation Has Served Its Time (And Failed!); And That This Adverse And DISCRIMINATORY Practice (See Should Now Be Withdrawn From ALL Related Legislation. We believe that after more than twenty years, South Africa’s Affirmative Action And Employment Equity Policies Are Now UNCONSTITUTIONAL In Terms Of Section 36 Of Chapter 2 Of The Constitution of South Africa, As It Is Adversely And MOST UNFAIRLY affecting Young White South Africans seeking employment. They are virtually excluded from all fields. To a lesser degree, Young Indian And Coloured South Africans Are SIMILARLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, As The PURE BLACK South Africans Are Pertinently Favoured Above Them. This Is Causing South African Society In General To Become More And More Racially Polarised.

It Is Our Firm Conviction That After More Than Twenty Years, the various degrees of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B3E2) Have FAILED DISMALLY To Improve The Lives Of The Poorer Persons In South African society. The ONLY INDIVIDUALS To Have Benefitted Are The PERSONS IN POWER And THEIR COHORTS.

We consummately believe that for South Africa to flourish, our legislation should Encourage The Development Of A SOCIAL CONSCIENCE Within A FREE-MARKET ENVIRONMENT. We should Avoid At ALL COST Proliferating DIVISIVE And DISCRIMINATORY LEGISLATION And PRACTICES.