Discussion paper on sexual offences

SALRC Discussion paper on sexual offenses (pornography and children) & draft bill

The South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) approved the publication of its discussion paper on sexual offenses (pornography and children) and an accompanying draft bill for comment.

The discussion paper seeks to review the legislative framework that currently applies to children in respect of exposure to pornography and child sexual abuse material (the Commission’s preferred term for child pornography) within the larger framework of all statutory and common law sexual offences.

Five main topics are discussed in this paper, namely:

-Access to or exposure of a child to pornography;

-Creation and distribution of child sexual abuse material;

-Consensual self-child sexual abuse material (sexting);

-Grooming of a child and other sexual contact crimes associated with or facilitated by pornography or child sexual abuse material; and

-Investigation, procedure & sentencing.

Comments can be submitted no later than Tuesday, 30 July 2019.

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I am indifferent
I believe that parents should make it their responsibility to moniter what their children do on the internet, not the State.
I am indifferent
I don't really think this will make a difference. Responsible parents are already blocking porn sights and proctecting their children from the internet. I think that our children are facing the most harmful exposure to sex in the school system where they're being forced to learn about it as part of the curriculum. Not enough emphasis is put on Chasity and I have read 3 articles this year about students having sex in public, or outside school grounds in there uniforms without anything being done about it because it was off school grounds.
Family planning and morals need to be enforced. I don't mean think that sex outside of marriage should be encouraged whether participants are gay, straight or bi-sexual or transgender. (I am supporting marriage here) Children certainly shouldn't be exposed to it.

We also need to stop child support to single parents who aren't victims of rape, or who didn't have a spouse die.
Woman are just having babies to try keep men interested in them and that isn't how it works. Over population, failing educational system and rising unemployment are all problems that are getting worse because of irresponsible parents.
I do not support the bill
Children should never be subjected to sexual abuse under any circumstances they should. Be protected at all times
I support the bill
Tighten the noose on these criminal acts don't take your foot off their neck because if allowed to do a small crime it will become a bigger problem, death penalty for all sexual crimes it will rid us of the sick infestations
I support the bill
Any kind of tightening up and closing loopholes in existing legislation on this subject is to be welcomed. I suspect this is a huge problem worldwide and much more needs to be done to prevent any kind of exposure of pornography to children.


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