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REPORT. Parliament invited the public to comment on the Draft Policy Position on the Conservation and Ecologically Sustainable Use of Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Rhino.

Minister Creecy noted that issues remain with recommendations in the report concerning captive lion and rhino breeding.

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    • Captive Holding and breeding of lion and rhino
    • Hunting of captive-bred lions
    • Trade in captive lion parts and derivatives
    • Unsustainable practices on hunting of wild leopard
    • Feasibility of legal international trade in rhino horn and elephant ivory for commercial purposes
    • Ineffective and inefficient legislation and implementation resulting from duplicated and conflicting legal requirements
    • Ineffective manage of State Protected Areas
    • Non optimisations of the full potential of a vibrant Biodiversity Economy
    • Inadequate access and benefit to sharing communities
    • Untransformed Wildlife Sector