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SA should be at
Not fully
If these provisions actually stay as is then yes, enable people to work (whilst practicing the neccessary safety measures) lift the cigarette and alcohol ban. This will have an tremendous effect on people's state of mind and get them out of lockdown slumps.

Level 1
Not fully
No lockdown or regulations
Not fully
Please allow recreational fishing as it does indeed comply with social distancing requirements and regulations as well as having a massive impact on alot of people in South Africa
Level 2
Not fully
Recreational Fishing should be allowed for the following reasons:
Puts food on the table of many South Africans
Social distancing is very easy to follow
Employs tens of thousands of South Africans
Brings in tens of millions of rands back into the country
Level 3
Yes I do
E point 15. Fully supported!!!
Yes I do
No I do not
No I do not
The lock down should fall in it's entirety. There is no scientific reason for it. More people will starve than die of covid. People aren't children and a government should never be given the power to take our freedom away; particularly our incompetent government.
Political agendas are driving the lockdown and not common sense. People need to wake up; the government doesn't care about you!!
Yes I do
Point E - alcohol and tobacco must be unrestricted and available to be sold in all retailers who sell groceries or were selling prior to the lockdown.
Yes I do
The Sale of tobacco products is a welcome concession. Smokers have not been able to quit and therefore have fallen prey to the illicit market. To get their cigarettes unnecessary travel has occurred. The previous prohibition resulted in more people sharing one cigarette than before because of high prices. There are smokers (I am one) who in trying to quit actually fall very ill. over this period, I have fought severe bronchial distress where my lungs produce so much phlegm that I am unable to breathe. I have had to continue smoking to stay well. Under level 4 smokers have taken their own lives because of the ensuing depression and anxiety. I am a single mom and breadwinner and the distress that I experienced under the cigarette ban made it difficult for me to fulfill both functions properly. Cigarettes and tobacco products must be sold. Please do not rescind on this
Not fully
I agree with a lot of the changes being implemented however there are some fundamental issues with anything that has a time restriction to it. So for example, the restricted hours to purchase alcohol...I am not a big drinker, but from a logical stand, seeing as this has been one of the hot topics, people will be queuing in masses to make sure they are able to purchase before the time restrictions hit. People will also panic buy as you have limited the time frame and you have made it clear that the levels will be reviewed ever 2 weeks, and its possible to go back a level. In the same way that exercise has been a complete disaster trying to restrict the hours, so too will anything else. In essence its the same ideas with purchase clothing or food - if you limit the time frame, you will have mass gatherings which is exactly what we are trying to prevent.

I am an ex smoker, however I am of the very strong opinion that it is not the governments decision to treat adults, who are well aware of the risks, like children. Not to mention, if you are already a smoker and have not smoked in 6 weeks due to the lock down and you contract the virus, I do not see how stopping you smoking for this period would have any affect on the medical treatment you would require. In fact it may make it worse due to the added stress of panicked days and lack of freedom.

Lastly - I do not see how we as the people can shape a policy effectively when government will not share all information regarding the outbreak. We have been asked to place our trust in government to endure this hardship - which I believe we have done, and I was inspired to do so.....however, when we ask the government to put a little faith in us to share the information and believe that we will still follow their leadership, the reverse is not so. In many instances we are still treated like small children with the promise of reward or punishment for misbehaving. As a government that prides itself on being a listening government....perhaps its time to start added in one that talks about the truths as well. Mr President...your words are the ones that can lift this country or destroy it - and to date, every time you speak, i feel at ease that you are in charge, but its time to talk more regularly and with more substance to your message. Give us the information and it will help to solidify your choices that we can follow.
No I do not
I Honestly belief that the current lockdown with the proposed fazed approach is based on pure stupidity. The initial lockdown was to prepare government for the virus but that should have been achieved by week 3.
Open up the economy and schools now and end this lockdown completely.
Not fully
Tourism and hospitality on provincial level needs to open.
Not fully
E15 and 18 please bring cigarettes and alcohol back people will just go buy and stay at home. Now everyone is driving km away to find illegal stuff.

School are a big concern. I have a baby of 2 years old what is going to happen to him.

Drop down to level 3 but with strict rules regarding traveling and the work place.
No I do not
Not at all. No cigarettes or alcohol- rediculous and uncalled for.
Plus no work no pay - people are suffering. Please open your eyes.
Yes I do
Sale of tobacco and alcohol must be permitted as well as excersise, walking etc anytime you want to before 8pm including walking on the beach
Surfing tobbe allowed ascit is a non contact sport
No I do not
Punt E.(18) die verkope van alkol vir 3 dae n week met beperkte tye van 8 tot 12h00 gaan n toeloop van mense veroorsaak. Hou by bestaande tye van 08h00 tot 20h00 en lig eerder die ouderdomsperk na 21 wat mense toegelaat word om alkol te koop en te gebruik. Inspekteur deur polisie in samewerking met drankraad wat is elke perseel se maskimum toelaatbare persone op die perseel om die veilige afstand te handhaaf in kroee en restuarante. Laat slegs soveel persone toe en maak kroee en restaurante oop. Dis almal groot mense en verantwoordelike mense wat eienaars van die ondernemings is
No I do not
I believe we should all return to work as normal but maintain social distancing where possible, and use PPE. End of story.
Not fully
1. Cigarrettes should be allowed.
2. Fast food restaurants should be able to sell on a take away basis only, no sit downs
Yes I do
Not fully
1. Tobacco products must go back on Sale, if not, Clinics and supply of medication for withdrawal must be made a available. Sudden ban on once a legal addictive substance is inhumane.

2. Alcohol should be sold online, either beer or a good bottled wine, this would minimize people abusing alcohol.

3. Hairdressers, if we can go back to work, we need hair cuts. A plan must be formulated in order to have this service available.
No I do not
Please lift the cigarette ban for level 3 and 4 and level 5.
Not fully
You need to allow for cigarettes and alcohol sales as people are moving around unnecessarily looking for illgeals. If it was freely available more people would stay at home.
Yes I do
Alcohol and ciggerettes should never have been banned.

Whats happening with schools?
Not fully
Lift the ban for cigarettes and alcohol.....
Not fully
E. Unban tabcco poducts
Courtelle Condra
Not fully
I want to see the ban on tobacco products lifted. There is no rational reason for the ban. It is my body and my right to smoke if I want to. Besides there are doctors all over the world who believe that smoking could actually be protecting people from the virus so as far as I'm concerned the government is putting my life possibly further at risk for contracting the virus with the ban on tobacco. The government is apparently concerned about our health but when there is no virus they don't care at all if we die from smoking. We as far as I know are also the only country in the world who has banned tobacco? I cannot understand why the rest of the world wouldn't follow in our footsteps if it made any sense but clearly it does not.
Not fully
Lift the smoking ban
Yes I do
Point E, ALLOW tobacco and alcohol sales without restrictions!
Yes I do