CoJ Street Name Changes 2022

Dear South Africa

395 comments delivered – closed 19 October 2022

The City of Joburg called for public comment on the renaming of four streets in the Johannesburg CBD, namely;

    • Plein Street to be renamed Desmond Tutu Street
    • Wanderers Street to be renamed Simeon Nkoane Street
    • De Villiers Street to be renamed Trevor Huddelston Street
    • Hoek Street to be renamed Cathedral Street

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    Dear South Africa


    Notice is hereby given that the City of Johannesburg is considering renaming four streets around the St Mary Cathedral in the Joburg CBD in support of the establishment of the Desmond Tutu Heritage Precinct to honour the late Archbishop for his lifelong championing of human rights. The street renaming offers a way of marking and proclaiming heritage associated with the precinct and celebrate major figures associated with the history of St Mary’s.