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Property rates
All rates are a concern but I only have an option to choose one. Nothing is done in my area as far as service maintenance is concerned. Storm water drains are clogged up. Street is full of shrubs some of them have even grown to the sizes of small trees on the pavements . Pot holes in streets are done poorly and keeps popping it's ugly heads. You log calls and complain and all they do is cut the grass and leave it like that to dry up and blow all over so that one is basically shut up. Street lights not working. There is a manifestation of termites that one cannot even control the same on your own property because outside of your property is the issue.. Queries logged at COJ are ignored and you brushed off with incorrect information to frustrate you even more and then we are expected to pay for this service so that the pockets of those that lute the funds are further aligned. We as Citizens deserve better and should start taking a stand against all this corruption.
Errol George
THERE SHOULD BE NO INCREASE AT ALL FOR ANY TARIFFS! I have had enough of you over charging me for the basic services. The quality of your work is disgraceful. You break my dustbin and never replace it. you have constant load shedding. your water quality is so disgusting I have to use water filters in my home. Enough is enough!!
All concerns listed above are totally and absolutely concerning and frightening. We already pay far too much for sevices not rendered or very badly considered. The municipality does what it wants and we have to pay no matter what. This is ridiculous! I can't even pay for most of necessities! The proposed electricity increases are unaffordable for most, including myself. Must I eat my food cold now!
Why are we getting Electricity hikes when we loadshedding even twice a day? Our monies clearly not used for infrastructure.
As a result of the lengthy and unreasonable lockdowns thousands of businesses have closed, resulting in escalating unemployment as well as the loss of many job opportunities.

No municipal employees lost their jobs in 2020-2021. In all fairness, all employees, irrespective of title, job description or level, should receive a flat rate increase of R30.00 per month as that is the increase that Social pensioners have received.

Mismanagement, incompetence, corruption and theft is rampant. a moratorium should be put on all increases (salaries and rates and taxes). Get rid of dead wood, fix the problems and improve service delivery!
Increasing any rates on Property Rates, Water, Electricity, Refuse and Sewage in the middle of a pandemic, where business are failing, people have lost their jobs, people are starving, is a disgrace. Eradicate corruption, and there will be money to hand out to the poor. Revolting.
Property rates
Until the government uses our money to improve the country and we can physically see where our money goes, I am not happy for any increases to occur to fund their own private lifestyles. Really sick of this!!
Property rates
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I do not think there should be any increases above 2%. Definitely not in salaries. We constantly
have water and electricity problems. I don't thing the Council is doing its job. They should ensure the people they employ are competent and if the people fail they should be fired!.
Property rates
The municipality should address the widespread inefficiencies, wastage and corruption instead of trying to gouge more monies from ratepayers. Services (such as repairing potholes) are are of very poor quality. Additionally, ratepayers have been hard hit by the costs of lockdowns. The municipality should get its house in order and not expect ratepayers to fund the municipality's on-going inefficiencies, corruption and wastage.
Property rates
Market value of properties bear no resemblance to the actual market value.
Market value of properties have been inflated to ensure that higher rates are charged.

Electricity rates are inordinately high. It is unacceptable that those who pay for the use of electricity are penalised with higher tariffs. Ditto for water charges.
Stop milking the public because you cannot manage your financials.