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Property rates
Property rates
This government has proven their incompetence by running SOE's into the ground over several years and failing again after bail outs and has now increased municipal rates and taxes to help them compensate for further losses due to poor management and decision making. They owe it to the few committed tax paying, community supporting individuals to freeze rates and taxes before they cause further poverty on a middle class and destroy the quality of life in this country. They should educate their voters to pay for their rates and taxes and in so doing collect the shortfall and not rape the tax paying public even further. They are "flogging a dying horse" and will surely have some poor excuse when the bulk of tax paying citizens flee from them(out the country) to everyone's detriment….. but then it will be too late and they will have to run what is left over… just another 3rd world african country with no real future and global support to keep half the nation from dying from hunger…
Property rates
I can understand that rates and taxes tariff index needs to be increased annually to keep up with inflation, however the market value of the property against which the tariff is applied must be reviewed.

The market value of office properties has severely deteriorated through COVID and this deterioration is likely to continue for many years with the mostly successful experiment of working from home. Companies are downsizing and some are disbanding offices entirely.

This market has been deteriorating for years, but the market value determined by COJ has not been adjusted.

Conversely, it appears that residential property prices have improved as employees look for premises better suited to working from home. Therefore the loss in the office property value has been gained in the residential property value, so applying the increased tariff indexes should still result in similar overall income.
Electricity is too high and for a pensioner life is too hard
Property rates
The rates are already to high. You already take a lot, it is time to cap and stop these rates
Property rates
As a PENSIONER (along with 80% of all residents in this area), I can barely afford the current rates (which increase along with levies AND electricity, while my monthly PENSION DOES NOT!)
I HAVE applied for a pensioners' rebate, but not had a reply.
We have an abusive relationship with City Power at Naturena, with a high voltage cable being stolen every month here, where City power can take up to 24 hours before fixing it. This always happens on weekends, which raises questions on why they don't hire security to guard the place, as the cable is said to be expensive. Reality is, no ordinary person can just take such a cable and this may be an internal issue which affects our livelihoods.
Property rates
July account : I was faced with an additional R14000 on rates : (6 debits and 5 credits)
No explanation given : no dates, calculations, rates, categories. One email reply said category was wrong so it was changed. Still waiting for a logical explanation for this huge extra charge.
written at least 6 emails, ( - mail box full).
Now I am demanded to send ID and 10% proof of payment to arrange payment arrangement.
Still trying to get some explantion.