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Yes I do
We as well as all the people from South African have loved ones and family members and with so many people from outside our country and the high rate of crime in South Africa, it would be irresponsable to not keep DNA records from offenders. ( it is done in other countries) To not keep record of these offenders is giving them the idea that they can carry on with their bad behaviour.
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In all democratic and I would imagine other countries as well, convicted criminals - especially those of crimes of violence against humanity - have their DNA tested and recorded on the nation's criminal records. This is paramount. How do we lessen these violent crimes and keep the citizens of SA protected. What example are we setting and how do we assist these people to change their ways. Also - By not putting this law into action are we not encouraging other innocent citizens to take the law into their own hands and protect themselves by similar acts? This is the number 1 priority of our leader and government. Please do what is RIGHT.
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The President should stop sitting on the fence and pass the Convicted Offenders Bill, it is laughable on how serious criminals are not penalised and have free reign over innocent victims.
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Yes I do
Yes I do
All offenders should have a dna sample taken and a tracker to know where they are at all times. As a victim of violent crimes when you commit these crimes your constitutional rights to privacy and dignity should get taken away just like you robbed your victims of theirs
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He must sign the bill period. Whether his whole crew go to jail that is good for our democracy South Africa.
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We have too many foreighners in this country and ordinary citizens that dont have food to eat it is shameful and unless the government and all the amenities stop their reckless spending of hardworking taxpayers money and start listening to them to make the correct changes that will improve business and improve the economy, remove BEEEE. unless this happens, things will not improve and more companies will either move to greener pastures or close down, its as simple as that, government is not making it easy to run a business in the country and that caused more unemployment, more poverty and in most cases more crime, other than that no mercy for people who are quilty of cruelty rape and murder BRING THE DEATH PENALTY BACK, or neuter the rapists, this world is overpopulated and we do not need this sort in this world.
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No I do not
It is unacceptable to have criminals walking the streets freely... God forbid President or Minster of police any of your family members are Harmed... and it's too late... because the offender should have been locked up to keep us all safe...

These offenders should be managed accordingly, that is the only way we can effectively reduce crime and govern this country properly by acting on crime and protecting the HARD WORKING, TAX PAYING citizens of this country.