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Yes I do
The ripple effects of inflated fuel taxes causes untold suffering and at that it is the very people government are claiming to be helping that are getting hurt the most.
No I do not
Why should we pay more for fuel while our fuel is exported for a cheaper price
Yes I do
U are killing SA where we don't even have money

Yes I do
More needs to be done, we need to stop using outdated technology if we want to move forward as a country, stop selling off our country to the countries of the world an start helping people and local people and not corporations.
No I do not
Increasing fuel prices is bad for citizens because even those who do not have cars will have to pay more in taxis and buses. From the research I conducted, the only resson for the fuel price increase I heard from the president is that it has been because of the impacts of state capture. I don't think this is a valid reason a president can give while citizens are suffereing.
He could have motivated us by saying that the fuel price increase won't last long.
Yes I do
Only supporting if its planned to reduce the fuel price, levies and taxes.
No I do not
With dollar stable and oil prices stable, no reason to milk us with increased prices and levies.

If Sasol derived its fuel from coal, why is the price firstly in line with oil fuel prices and why should Sasol prices fuel go up and down at the same time as fuel derived from oil?
Yes I do
Too many finger's in the pie.
Not fully
If this will assist the working class and low income in SA then yes but why should be be paying tax on tax on tax and so many levies added to that as well. We work to just pay back to Government for tax vat and levies.
Not fully
Why should we pay exorbitant prices when our fuel send 2 other countries is sold cheaper there.
Charity begins @ home.
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Tooooo many taxes
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Why do we pay more per landed liter of fuel, than our neighbouring countries, who get their fuel from us? Shouldn't they actually pay more than us, due to us shipping it to them? Just asking.
Yes I do
Yes I do
Should the review equate to decrease cost to client by all means please do it!
No I do not
Concerned as the a hike in fuel price ensures we pay more in every other area of our lives. The fuel price is already ridiculously high. Having lived in the UAE it was a laugh at how cheap it was to use fuel and I have never gasped at the price of petrol/diesel before but watching friends/family suffer simply to get to work and back for those who have work it is heartbreaking. For the first time in my life I literally "gasped" at the price when I filled my tank! Something truly has to be done!
No I do not
The government is using things like the fuel price hikes to pay for the mismanagement of SOE"s meaning that apart from taxes and vat they still want to milk the people dry and yet they supply fuel to other neighbouring countries at reduced prices how do you explain that the elite government people don't pay for fuel it forms part of their wage packages free motorcar free fuel free accomodation
Yes I do
This is a good start to reduce the fuel price, levies and taxes. More must be done.
No I do not
There is poor governance of the fuel levy. The whole structure needs review - greater visibility of how government spends the money; what %goes to fund the big fat salaries of politicians. The road fund is constantly broke - how can that be?
There is little return for the average citizen to hustify the high fuel levies. Consider this - lower fuel costs may stimulate greater job creation and more spending. The average South Africa. Spends half their salary on transport costs- a big chunk coming from fuel levies. This can’t be right.
Yes I do
The fuel price supposedly mirrors the exchange rate and the oil price, yet we are selling fuel to neighboring countries at significantly lower prices than is being sold nationally. Added to this the excessive taxes and the impacts on the consumer retail market, food costs and the relentless increases on costs of living.
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This is a complicated matter, but I believe that something has to be done to bring fuel costs down. High fuel costs push up other living costs and we need to somehow get things to be more affordable, especially since salaries remain stagnant for most people.
Yes I do
The fuel hikes are driven by greedy politicians and business people. The sad part is that greed does not stop, the more you have the more you want. It's not only our pockets that are suffering but the growth of our economy.
Not fully
Transportation costs make up a Considerable Portion Of The Average South African’s Monthly Expenses. It has also been adversely affecting the cost of retail goods. Fuel price increases, Retail Goods Prices Increase. Fuel price decreases, Retail Goods Prices Remain At Their Higher Level, Adversely Affecting Inflation. Any Reduction In The Overall Fuel Price Will Make A Difference.
Considering the levels of the Wholesale-, Service-, Storage- and Distribution Costs, the Dealer’s Margin Appears To Be A Little High.
Again, the Fuel Levy Is Deemed Excessive, now that the Slate Levy is again being applied.
The Road Accident Fund Levy (RAF) Should Be Removed. A considerable number of motorists are operating their motor vehicles without any form of even the most basic forms of insurance. The RAF should be replaced with something like compulsory third-party insurance. While it may not lead to an overall vehicle operating cost reduction, it will ensure that all parties are covered by the third party insurance.
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We the poor feel the heat and we continue to sufer
Yes I do
If we carry on with unaccounted levy bills on fuel and where the money is going and what it is paying for, we are going to find that illegal trading of fuel may start happening just like the cigarette trade where the country is loosing huge sums of money due to corruption and other illegal actions. The government has got to start being transparent with its dealings but that will only start when the rot is cleaned out.
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The only form of taxation on the fuel price should be for the Road Accident Fund. Thereafter fuel should be bought and sold in an uncontrolled free market which will benefit the purchaser and drive the beleaguered economy.