New Land Expropriation Bill

The Minister of Public Works has called for public comment on the controversial Draft Expropriation Bill published on Friday 21 December 2018.

70256 active citizens have had a say in this, so far

The draft law spells out in detail how land expropriation will work, detailing how valuation should be done, how disputes should be settled, and how money should be paid. The Expropriation Bill also specifically holds that “it may be just and equitable for nil compensation to be paid where land is expropriated in the public interest”.

Support or object to the Bill by providing comment below. Should you be unsure, please read the live comments, media, summary or documents below.   Closing date is midnight 22 February 2019.

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Johannes Petrus
No I do not
Will take us to same situation as Zimbabwe....
Johannes Petrus
No I do not
Will take us to same situation as Zimbabwe....
No I do not
I'm terrified of this act. I think this is a disaster in the making. We might end up like Zimbabwe. This is not the way to go. It will only create more animosity and division in SA.
No I do not
People work hard and spend a lot of money for they land they own. Now the government just want to take it away without compensation. Bond repayments will just stop. How will the Banks in SA survive this? The impact it will have on foreign investment in SA will be catastrophic.
No I do not
Its kind of obvious...
If you want land buy what you can afford... thats what we all had to do...nothing comes for free...hard work and saving towards a goal, is the only way. Self worth makes you free...not hand outs.



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